• Gold Tone WL-250 Giveaway

    Gold Tone WL-150 Giveaway
    Titusville, Fla. — Gold-Tone, D'Addario and the Banjo Cafe are combining efforts to give away a brand new WL-250 White Ladye banjo and hard shell case with a retail value of $1,219.00, and related D'Addario banjo products.

    Registration commences from a link on the Banjo Cafe home page April 14. A lucky winner will be selected at random May 2.

    In addition to the Gold Tone WL-250 the winning entry receives:

    10 Sets of D'Addario banjo strings, gauge of the winner's choice
    D'Addario's new NS Micro Banjo Tuner
    D'Addario Planet Waves Banjo Strap
    D'Addario Planet Waves Banjo Capo
    D’Addario T-Shirt

    10 runner-up entries will also be selected at random with each winning 2 sets of D'Addario banjo strings of their choice and D'Addario's new NS Micro Banjo Tuner.

    The WL-250 White Ladye is Gold Tone's most popular openback ever. The design provides a plunky but punchy tone well-suited for old time and folk music. A White Ladye three-part tone ring is coupled with a 1/2" rim. Most competitors use a 3/4" bluegrass rim, but Gold Tone's 1/2" rim allows more air chamber volume. Other features include ebony fingerboard, vintage heel shape, no-knot tailpiece, and double adjusting truss rod. Includes a fingerboard scoop.

    No purchase is necessary to participate and registration will be open to all visitors regardless of location. It is not necessary to be a member of the Banjo Cafe forum in order to enter.

    Selection of the winning entry and all runner-up entries will be announced Monday, May 2 at 8:30 p.m. Central.

    The New NS Micro Banjo Tuner

    Bob Carlin demonstrates the Gold Tone WL-250 White Ladye

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    1. MarkHawkins's Avatar
      MarkHawkins -
      Or you could just send it to me now? Once again I'm wondering if you guys are in my head. I was just looking at a White Ladye on Gold Tone's site last night!
    1. pastorharry's Avatar
      pastorharry -
      Thanks for the great contest ! Way to go BC !!
    1. Rob Zamites's Avatar
      Rob Zamites -
      Appreciate the goodies! Now to get a banjo!
    1. Banjo Cafe's Avatar
      Banjo Cafe -
      Been so busy of late forget if we mentioned: the winner is "Wil" from Texas. Wil plays banjo in a band that's mostly bluegrass but he said they get outside of it once in awhile and an open back is going to be perfect for him. Super excited and of course it's a blast making that phone call to someone.

      There were 10 runner-up entries and as of Friday all of their winning items from D'Addario were said to be in the mail to them. Watch for another giveaway at some point in the future. We have lots of possibilities.
    1. wilbanjo's Avatar
      wilbanjo -
      This is "Wil" from Texas , I just got the Gold tone banjo in the mail today , That was fast , Thank you so much , Banjo Café .
    1. Banjo Cafe's Avatar
      Banjo Cafe -
      Wil, enjoy!