• Kaia Kater - Nine Pin

    The highly anticipated new album by clawhammer player and singer/songwriter Kaia Kater is being released in May 2016.

    The album, titled Nine Pin is Kaia's first full-length studio album. It contains 15 tracks and to a large extent showcases her own songwriting and interpretations of traditional songs.

    This album was written over the course of two years, in between touring in Canada, and studying traditional music from mentors and teachers in Elkins, West Virginia. The record reflects both of those influences, exploring elements of joy and darkness, and the expanding space in between.

    Kaia is helped out on the album by many other musicians and collaborators with such instruments and vocal styles as trumpet, baritone guitar, five-string fiddle, moog, bowed bass, and shape-note singing to the production.


    • Saint Elizabeth
    • Little Pink
    • Paradise Fell
    • Rising Down
    • Harlem's Little Blackbird
    • Past
    • Nine Pin
    • Fine Times at Our House
    • Passing
    • Viper's Nest
    • White
    • Harvest and the Plough
    • Petit Chagrin
    • To Come
    • Hangman's Reel

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