• Mel Bay Book Release Party and Workshop with Dan Levenson

    Kansas City, Mo. - Clawhammer banjo author, performer and instructor Dan Levenson will be holding a banjo workshop in Kansas City on May 24, 2016. The event is being held at Bradford & Franzke Fine Instruments Fret Shop and is co-sponsored by B&F Fret Shop and Banjo Cafe.

    Participants at the event will also be able to purchase the first available copies of Dan's new book published by Mel Bay, Beyond the Waterfall: Extraordinary Tunes for Fiddle and Clawhammer.

    This workshop is for mixed level players that are are interested in playing better. Students should be able to tune their instrument and come in tuned to a reliable tuner.

    After a review of the basics – instrument hold, tone, intonation and rhythm – Dan will proceed to assess each student’s level and get an understanding of where they want to "go."

    Through listening to the playing (demonstration), both live from the instructor and historic recordings, students will learn how to discern a basic melody, basic rhythm and on to some ornamentation of the tune. Dan will drill the tune in with the goal being for students to play along with guitar accompaniment.

    Right and left hand basics, Double thumb, Drop thumb, melody, rhythmic development and improvisation will all be covered. Tunes per se will not be the goal in and of itself, but rather, Dan's focus will be on the improvement of your banjo skills as well as the ability to begin learning tunes by ear. Some written music/tab may be used for illustration purposes.

    The workshop will take place at 6:30 p.m. on May 24 at Bradford & Franzke Fret Shop, 448 Belleview Ave., Kansas City, Missouri. Register by phoning (816) 283-0400.

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    1. clawdan's Avatar
      clawdan -
      Getting ready to come your way folks! New book is being shipped there as we "speak"!

      I stop in Las Cruces over this weekend for a fiddle workshop and concert so perhaps I'll see some of you NM folks there. I will have a FEW copies of the book there as well.
      Play Nice,