• New Music from Steve Baughman - O'er Quiet Lands Suspended

    Steve Baughman - O'er Quiet Lands Suspended

    A new CD of clawhammer banjo solos has been released by Steve Baughman. In O'er Quiet Lands Suspended, Steve takes the clawhammer banjo on a journey to places it rarely goes, while never straying far from the authentic "bum-ditty" pattern of old-time American music.

    Three of the tracks feature Steve singing. He is accompanied by the Indian tanpura on two tracks and the Chinese erhu on one. Of the seventeen tracks, twelve are played on fretless banjos, two of which are gourd banjos

    This album is not just for banjo officionados. Its diverse textures and rhythms make it good listening for anyone with broad musical tastes.


    • Mondnacht
    • Briar Picker Brown
    • Bony Crossing the Alps (Banjo Version)
    • Monroe
    • Morgan Megan
    • Brushy Fork of John's Creek
    • Peach Bottom Blues
    • Bonnie Prince Charlie
    • Suzhou Sisters
    • Battle in the Horseshoe
    • In the Csitari Mountain Foothills
    • Pay Day
    • Sally in the Garden
    • Protect the Innocent
    • Breton Set
    • General Sven Stoner (Of Sweden)'s Final March to the Sea
    • Farewell! but Whenever You Welcome the Hour

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