• New in Print - Harmonics for the 5-String Banjo

    Harmonics for the 5-String BanjoFenton, Mo. — Mel Bay Publications has announced the publication of Harmonics for the 5-String Banjo by Christopher Rudy.

    The definitive text on playing harmonics (chimes) on the 5-string banjo in G tuning!

    In addition to traditional chiming methods, the author's new T3N technique for creating banjo harmonics will add new dimensions to your playing. While particularly useful in the three-finger style, T3N can be used in other banjo styles and on other stringed instruments.

    Most banjo players are familiar with playing open-string harmonics on the 5-string banjo over the 12th, 7th and 5th frets, or perhaps the 4th and 9th frets, so that in typical G-tuning, the open G-chord, D-chord, octave G-chord, and B-chord notes are chimed.

    With the T3N technique presented in this book, entire scales can be chimed, with other harmonic effects including choking and sliding possibilities!

    The first part of this book provides a review of traditional banjo harmonic chiming techniques, while the second part explores the exciting new T3N approach. Written in tablature only, for 5-string banjo in GDGBD tuning.


    • Acknowledgements
    • Introduction
    • Traditional Harmonic Chimes
    • Some Basics
    • Tuning with Harmonics
    • Using Harmonics in Songs
    • T3N Harmonic Chimes
    • The Basics
    • Choking and More
    • Sliding
    • Lifting, Pulling and Pushing Off
    • Hammering On
    • Combining Effects
    • Using T3N Harmonics in Songs

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