• New Music from Ken Perlman - Frails & Frolics

    Ken Perlman - Frails & FrolicsBoston, Mass. — Ken Perlman has announced the release of his new recording entitled Frails & Frolics, 45 tunes, most of them collected by Ken from traditional fiddlers on Prince Edward Island, arranged on banjo to reflect all their authentic flavor and nuance.

    The album includes 17 tracks amounting to over an hour of music and includes an 8-page booklet offering an introduction by Ken, historical notes on all the tunes, plus keys, modes and — for banjo players — tuning information.

    Most of the tunes on the recording have never before been successfully played on 5-string banjo, and it's very likely this is the first appearance for some tunes on any "commercial" recording.

    Ken is accompanied by Jim Prendergast, guitar and Janine Randall, piano.

    Track Listing

    • Londonderry Hornpipe / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Sleepy Maggie
    • Dr. Keith Strathspey / Miss Barker's Hornpipe / Carney's Canter
    • Omar Cheverie's Jig / Fig for a Kiss / Hector MacDonald's Jig
    • Pride of the Ball / MacKinnon's Rant / Lasses of Glenalladale / St. Kilda Wedding
    • Bonniest Lass in A' the World / Emil Gaudet's Reel / Chetticamp Reel
    • Dallas Rag
    • North Side of the Grampians / Jack Webster's Reel / Souris Breakwater
    • Rose of Tennessee / Don't Be Teasing / Whiskey Jig
    • Carlton County Breakdown / Miller's Reel /Trip to Windsor
    • Where the North River Flows
    • The Marchioness of Tullibardine / Dinky's Reel/ Little Donald in the Pigpen
    • Hector's New Dance Hall / Hector's Fancy / Durang's Hornpipe
    • Fred Wilson's Hornpipe / High Level Hornpipe
    • Ottawa Valley Reel / Lad O'beirne's / Marie Pierre
    • The Bonny Lea Rig / Shores of Loughgowna / Teviot Bridge
    • Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
    • George V's Army / Mr. Murray Strathspey / The Marquis of Huntley / Prince Edward Island Wedding Reel

    About Ken Perlamn

    Ken Perlman is a pioneer of the 5-string banjo style known as melodic clawhammer and considered one of the top clawhammer players in the world, known in particular for his skillful adaptations of Celtic, Appalachian, & Canadian fiddle tunes.

    Ken has toured throughout most of the English-speaking world and in Western-Europe, both as a soloist and for over fifteen years in a duo with renowned Appalachian-style fiddler Alan Jabbour.

    Acclaimed teacher of instrumental skills. Ken has written some of the most widely respected banjo and guitar instruction books of modern times, including Clawhammer Style Banjo, Melodic Clawhammer Banjo, and Everything You Wanted to Know About Clawhammer Banjo.

    Previous Recordings include Southern Summits and You Cant Beat the Classics (with Alan Jabbour), plus the solo recordingss Northern Banjo, Island Boy, Devil in the Kitchen, Live in the U.K. and Clawhammer Banjo & Fingerstyle Guitar Solos.

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