• New from The Murphy Method - Key of C & Beyond: Improvising in C & D

    Key of C & Beyond: Improvising in C & D

    Winchester, Va. — The Murphy Method has announced the publication of "Key of C & Beyond: Improvising in C & D," taught by Casey Henry, available as a download now and in DVD format shipping as of May 8.

    Tired of using a capo? Tired of all your breaks sounding the same? Tired of not being able to play in D or E or F?

    This DVD opens the door to playing in the keys of C, D, E, and F. Casey Henry first shows you how to do simple improvs in open C, no capo. Then step by step explains how to add more complex licks to these breaks.

    We are not "Giving you a fish. We're teaching you to fish," said Henry. "Using simple songs and simple licks we teach you how to create your own breaks in C. In a jam. On the fly. When you have no time to think. We also explain how to play these same breaks in D, E, and F."

    Priced at $29.95.


    • Blue Ridge Cabin Home
    • Bury Me Beneath The Willow
    • Will the Circle Be Unbroken
    • Worried Gal

    Excerpt from Key of C & Beyond: Improvising in C & D

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