• Basic Music Theory for Banjo Players

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    Basic Music Theory for Banjo Players

    Fenton, Mo. — Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has announced the publication of Basic Music Theory for Banjo Players, by Rick McKeon.

    The book was self-published for a time and with the release on Mel Bay a video has been added to the package.

    This book is a "hands-on" approach to music theory with lots of playing examples for the banjo. Music theory does not have to be mysterious or difficult. In fact, taken a little bit at a time, it's easy and fun!

    Each of the approximately 50 lessons in this book has a limited scope, but by the time you complete them, you will have a thorough understanding of the basics of music theory as applied to the banjo.

    While a single book can't cover everything in so vast a subject, the author has chosen topics that will address the needs of most beginning banjo players. These include: scale theory, reading tablature and standard notation, key signatures, accidentals, transposition, time signatures and note values, intervals and chord construction, the three kinds of minor scales, pentatonic scales, and more. In addition, each chapter features playing examples and review questions to both test and clarify understanding of the materials presented.

    Rather than proceeding from chapter to chapter, as each individual banjo player is likely at a different point in their musical journey, the reader is encouraged to "jump around and spend more time in those areas that interest you most." The important thing about the journey is to begin.

    Includes access to online audio and video.

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