• New in Print and eBook: Banjo Picking Tunes - Early Music Gems

    Banjo Picking Tunes - Early Music Gems

    FENTON, MO. — Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has announced the release of Banjo Picking Tunes - Early Music Gems, by Lluis Gomez.

    The primal pluck of the banjo fits right into the rustic character of Early Music. By combining these elements in artful arrangements in the 3-finger style, Lluís Gómez has brought new life to these Early Music Gems. These pieces seem to have been calling out for the banjo all along. Once you hear them played on the 5-string banjo, it will be hard to imagine them being played any other way.

    - John Bullard

    Arranged in tablature only for the 5-string banjo in gDGBD tuning. Includes access to online audio of all 34 selections as performed by the author. Sample pages are available on the Mel Bay web site linked below.


    From the publication, the track "Ballade."


    • Adoro Devote
    • Allegro
    • Alman
    • An Italian Rant
    • Andante
    • Ballade
    • Bear Dance
    • Branle Double
    • Chestnut
    • Canarios
    • Childgrove
    • Come with Me, My Giselle
    • Dont veint cela
    • Espagnoletta
    • La Folia
    • Fortune My Foe
    • Gavotte
    • Greensleeves
    • Grimstock
    • Kemp’s Jig
    • Guárdame las vacas
    • Moderato
    • O Esca Viatorum
    • On the Cold Ground
    • Packington’s Pound
    • Pastourelle
    • Rendez a Dieu
    • St. Martin’s
    • Salterello
    • Si Pour
    • To Drive the Cold Winter Away
    • Tutte Venite Armati
    • Volte
    • Wilson’s Wilde

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