• New from Mel Bay Publishing, Inc. - Early 5-String Banjo Solos by Tim Twiss

    New from Mel Bay Publishing, Inc. - Early 5-String Banjo Solos by Tim Twiss

    FENTON, MO. — Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has announced the release of Early 5-String Banjo Solos In Historic 19th Century Stroke, Clawhammer and Guitar Styles by Tim Twiss.

    Five-string banjo enthusiasts who play in the stroke, clawhammer or guitar styles will enjoy these 50 melodic, tab-only arrangements. The collection is unique in that it includes reels, polkas, jigs, hornpipes, minstrel songs, ballads, light classics, and a Christmas tune — nearly all in C tuning with the fourth string a step lower than the typical 5-string G tuning. Well-known classical and popular composers: Beethoven, Foster, and Vivaldi, plus collector/historian-authors: Converse, Emmett, Howe, Kerr, O’Neill, and Ryan — are all represented in this book.

    With the exception of two Twiss originals, the music was chosen from sources available circa 1840 - 1890. Some of these settings can be used as accompaniment to unison singing; all are designed to lie well on the 5-string fretboard for optimal playability. Using a custom-built fretted, nylon-string banjo, the author has provided online recordings of every tune for ease of learning.


    • Angelina Baker
    • Back Side of Albany
    • Battle Cry of Freedom
    • Battle Hymn of the Republic
    • Bird on the Wing Jig
    • Bob Chadduck’s Jig
    • Buffalo Gals
    • De Old Jaw Bone
    • Captain Francis Wemyss
    • Castles in the Air
    • Copper’s Minor
    • Cracovienne Quickstep
    • Durang’s Hornpipe
    • Essence of Old Kentucky
    • Essence of Sugar Cane
    • Fairy Dance
    • Für Elise
    • Genuine Jig
    • Golden Slippers
    • Grape Vine Twist
    • Harvest Home
    • Hattie Schottische
    • Haste to the Wedding
    • Isabella Doane Scottische
    • Kilkenny Hornpipe
    • Lincoln’s Hornpipe
    • Long Tail Blue
    • Minstrel’s Fancy-Clog
    • Miss Daly’s Jig
    • My Old Kentucky Home
    • Mrs. Francis Wemyss
    • Nighttime Lament
    • O Little Town of Bethlehem
    • Old Tare River
    • The Bonnie Blue Flag
    • Oyster Sally
    • Pompey Ran Away
    • Rattle the Cash Jig
    • Rose of Alabama
    • Rustic Dance
    • Sam’s Opinion
    • Sand Jig I
    • Sand Jig II
    • Shins About the Fireside
    • The Black Brigade Camp Dance
    • Southern Rose
    • The Keel-Row Reel
    • Titania’s Favorite Polka
    • Whiddon’s Favorite Reel
    • Vivaldi’s Concerto in D

    56 pages, saddle stitched.

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