• Banjo Camp North Registration Opens

    Banjo Camp North Registration Opens

    CHARLTON, MASS. — Registration has opened for the 2023 Banjo Camp North, held May 19-21 in Charlton, Mass. at the Prindle Pond Conference Center.

    The camp features total banjo immersion with workshops, jamming, and personal interaction with some of the top performers in the roots music world in a friendly, supportive environment.

    Located on 500 lovely wooded acres on the shore of Prindle Pond in Charlton, Prindle Pond Conference Center offers clean, comfortable accommodations and ample space for classes, jams, concerts, and vendors. The Center is fully handicapped accessible.

    Camp runs 2:30 Friday p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sunday. Prices includes tuition, room and board (no room if commuting or single day). See the camp website for pricing options.

    In addition to banjo instruction, fiddle classes led by John Showman, Janie Rothfield, Steve Roy and Ella Jordan will also be available.


    • Tony Trischka
    • Bill Evans
    • Alan Munde
    • Bruce Molsky
    • BB Bowness
    • Chris Coole
    • Riley Baugus
    • Murphy Henry
    • Sara Grey
    • Michael Miles
    • Grace Van't Hof
    • Tim Rowell
    • Maggie Shar
    • Rich Stillman
    • Gretchen Bowder
    • Gabe Hirshfeld
    • Craig Edwards
    • Glenn Nelson
    • Howie Bursen
    • Max Wareham
    • Bennett Hammond
    • Lorraine Hammond
    • Scott Hopkins
    • Bruce Stockwell

    Organized and administered by Music Camps North, they will also host Mandolin Camp North, April 21-23.

    Skill Levels

    Banjo Camp North offers instruction across the entire spectrum of skills and experience campers bring to the table, from rank beginners to professionals. The camp makes every effort to make sure there is something going on for players of each level throughout the weekend.

    About Banjo Camp North

    • Classes and workshops on a wide variety of topics for all skill levels.
    • Novice to advanced players on mandolin welcome.
    • Most classes and workshops are hands-on, while a few are lectures or demonstrations.
    • A variety of acoustic genres is covered.
    • Traditional and progressive bluegrass, blues, and jazz.
    • Guided and informal jams are held throughout the weekend.
    • Wide variety of genres and for all skill levels.
    • Faculty concerts on Friday and Saturday after dinner and before evening jams.
    • Lots of informal opportunities to “pick” with faculty and other students.
    • Camaraderie with other people who share your passion for the mandolin.
    • A luthier on duty at a vendor table to help you with your instrument.
    • CDs and DVDs by the faculty will be available for sale.
    • Comfortable housing, and good food at tables shared by students and faculty.

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