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    The Sentimental Banjo

    FENTON, MO. — Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has announced the availability of The Sentimental Banjo in print and eBook formats, by Rob MacKillop.

    In this book, multi-instrumentalist and music historian Rob MacKillop explores an unexpected aspect of the 5-string banjo repertoire with slower, expressive, and even sentimental qualities. Drawing upon various 19th and 20th century resources, MacKillop offers 27 engaging international melodies in gDGBD or gCGBD tuning that can be played on any 5-string banjo, whether old or modern, with either fingertips or picks.

    In contrast to the hard-driving bluegrass "Dueling Banjos" approach, the Barnes and Mullins Banjo School of the 1920s advises: "To obtain the best possible tone from the instrument, a delicate touch and diligent practice are required. One essential point... is to employ lightness and grace with every movement."

    Written in both standard notation and tablature. Online audio is available for each arrangement.


    • A Dance
    • Adelphi Mazourka
    • An Irish Fair Day
    • Andante in F
    • Aria "Beatrice di tenda"
    • Austrian Hymn
    • Beethoven's Favourite Waltz
    • Believe Me Of All Those Endearing Young Charms
    • Clinton Jig
    • Consolation
    • Die Wacht Am Rhein
    • Egyptian Harp Waltz
    • Entr'acte
    • Freddie's waltz
    • Hippodrome Reel
    • Marcia Schottische
    • May Blossom Polka
    • May Waltz
    • My Heart Is Where the Shamrock Grows
    • New Spanish Waltz
    • On the Banks of Allan Water
    • Our Umbrella Polka
    • Pearl Polka
    • Silver Lake Waltz
    • Spanish Fandango
    • The Dude's Delight
    • Within a Mile of Edinburgh

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