• New in Print and eBook - Classical Studies for Tenor Banjo by Rob MacKillop

    Classical Studies for Tenor Banjo by Rob MacKillop

    Seasoned music educator and multi-instrumentalist, Rob MacKillop presents this introductory classical repertoire for the intermediate tenor banjoist. Derived from method books for the mandolin, cello and guitar, these progressive melodic studies are typeset in standard notation and tablature. Readers are encouraged to start at the beginning and listen to the author’s online recordings for guidance. Various keys, rhythms and time signatures are represented for a thorough grounding in note reading.

    Most importantly, these studies have been chosen to develop musicianship, not just technique. Creating your own left-hand fingering and original interpretive ideas will build the confidence needed to become an authoritative classical performer.

    If you have played the tenor banjo by ear or relied on tablature exclusively in the past, this is the book and now is the time to access the world of standard notation—for whatever style of music that interests you. The author provides liberal playing tips and suggestions for further sight reading.

    As the perfect fifth tunings of the tenor banjo and mandola are the same (CGDA), this music can also be played on the mandola.

    Includes access to online audio.

    Binding, saddle stitched; size, 8.75" x 11.75", 80 pages; skill level, Intermediate.


    • Seven Pieces by Robert Crome
    • Minuet in Am
    • Jigg in Am
    • Minuet in C
    • Minuet in F Major
    • Jigg in G Major
    • Gavot in C Major
    • Minuet in A Major
    • Nine Exercises by Carlo Alfredo Piatti
    • Exercise 1
    • Exercise 2
    • Exercise 3
    • Exercise 5
    • Exercise 7
    • Exercise 14
    • Exercise 17
    • Exercise 23
    • Exercise 29
    • Three Minuets by Giovanni Fouchetti
    • Minuetto (1)
    • Minuetto (2)
    • Minuetto (3)
    • De la Reine de Golconde by Pietro Denis
    • Two Pieces by Niccolo Ceccherini
    • Alemanda
    • Fug
    • Four Exercises by Jean-Louis Duport
    • Arpeggio Example
    • Arpeggio Example
    • Chromatic Passage in D
    • Passage in F Major
    • Two Studies by Fernando Sor
    • Op 60 No 3 (C Major)4
    • Op 60 No 4 (F Minor)
    • Title Page Audio
    • Three Studies by David Popper
    • Op 76a No 1
    • Op 76a No 2
    • Op 76a No 3
    • Two Pieces by Carl Fischer
    • Andante
    • Molto Moderato
    • Study by Raffaele Calace
    • Adagio (No138)
    • Solo Flute Sonata in Am by J S Bach
    • Allemande
    • Courante
    • Sarabande
    • Bourrée Anglaise
    • From the 5th Cello Suite by J S Bach [in CGDG tuning]
    • Allemande
    • Sarabande

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