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Posting Guidelines

The Banjo Cafe is a privately owned web site. The intent of this virtual community is to create a healthy environment where people of all backgrounds can discuss banjo and general family related music topics. It's our intent to keep the focus related to this subject matter and basic guidelines have been established to assist.

Music related businesses are allowed to financially support the cost of this site through the display of ads, but no input is sought from these advertisers in our operation, nor is any control exercised by them.

Help our community prosper. Our focus is on banjo related topics and as a condition of membership we ask that all members observe a few simple rules:

  • We do not accept user names created with the intent to draw attention to matters of politics, sex and religion, nor those deemed inappropriate by the site owners.
  • Avoid flaming or trolling – this includes but is not limited to ad hominem personal attacks and/or posts intended to create discord, antagonize others or create general mayhem. Be polite and courteous at all times. We expect spirited discussions and widely varying opinions that some may even find offensive, but exercise caution. A good rule of thumb is don't say anything on the forum that you wouldn’t say to someone in person.
  • A profanity filter is in place and blocks most inappropriate language. Attempts to creatively use profanity by altering text will not be tolerated.
  • Grievances, personal and corporate: The Cafe discussion forum is intended to be a nurturing community. While it is fair game discussing vendor corporate policies, malevolent harassment of individual employees, including posting names, email address, or any other personal contact information will not be tolerated. For example, a concern about a manufacturer's warranty policy or a reseller's return policy is permissible. Using the forum to malign or leverage personal advantage in a conflict is strictly forbidden. Though intent or motivation are not always provable, the moderators reserve full right in deeming whether or not comments made are consistent with policy, and may take action to edit, delete, or when necessary, revoke posting privileges.
  • Ebay, Craig's List, online auctions, Cafe Classifieds, direct dealer solicitations: while discussing online auctions or the classifieds is permitted, posting personal transactions for business or self-promotion is prohibited.
  • Post only non-copyrighted images/attachments (includes audio files). Filling up the forum space with images that do not add to our banjo related subject matter serves no one and creates additional download times for modem users. When in doubt, ask if it's relevant to our community. Pictures of a festival, something personal about a forum member or other "member-related" images are typically appropriate when posted with discretion. If in doubt, ask the site administrator. We reserve the right to remove any images or audio files that are inappropriate or not relevant to the long-term health and well-being of this community.
  • Discussions started with the specific purpose or that end up used specifically for the purpose of antagonizing or calling into question a moderator's control of this forum or the site owners' right to enforce forum policy is forbidden and may result in immediate and permanent loss of membership and posting privileges. If you have concerns regarding forum policy contact the site administrator privately.
  • Any use of this forum to solicit inappropriate contact inside or outside of the message forum for what might be considered sexual activity with minor children is a crime and will result in immediate permanent ban. The forum owner will take aggressive steps to identify and report such behavior to the legal authorities.
  • Topics started for or end up being used to discuss religion, politics or sex as well as other hot button issues meant to create discord are prohibited. Posts or threads deemed inappropriate or unrelated to our subject matter are subject to immediate removal at the discretion of the forum owner and/or lead moderator.
  • Avatars are available for use on this forum and should be personal or music related. The only exception would be a picture of yourself, your family, a pet or your company, business or web site logo. As with general forum posting and signature guidelines, avatars that are political, sexual or religious in nature or considered a "hot button" topic will not be tolerated. We will also not tolerate avatars used to make "statements" with an intent to mock, slander or defame other individuals, instruments or organizations. No animation.
  • A signature space is available for use and attached to each post you make. In keeping with the guidelines of this site, please refrain from attaching signatures or images with sexual, political or religious references.
  • Refrain from using the Forum as a point of purchasing or selling items or for the purpose of discussing or linking to items you are selling. Please limit selling and buying activities to the Classifieds section of this web site or other external locations.
  • Use of the forum for any variety of general spamming or the selling of non-banjo/music products will not be tolerated.
  • Any threat or suggestion of physical violence in a disagreement is grounds for immediate suspension of membership.
  • Use of the forum to aggressively market or sell various products and/or services or over-promotion of external web sites is not permitted.
  • Posts dealing in the sale or transfer of tortoise-shell products protected by the 1973 Endangered Species act are not allowed and will be removed. This includes picks made from "antique" shells. The purpose of this forum is the discussion of music, not the correctness or incorrectness of this issue. Discussions that start or end up on this topic are subject to being closed at the moderator's discretion.
  • The posting of copyrighted audio files, including offers to sell, purchase, trade or give away copies of copyrighted audio files including bootlegs of live shows is prohibited. This includes links to other sites where these materials can be obtained.
  • The sharing of logins and passwords with another member or non-member, or a single individual using two separate logins is grounds for immediate loss of membership.

The above guidelines cannot possibly cover every possible scenario that can arise on this forum. In times where the guidelines do not cover a situation it is up to the discretion of the forum owner to make decisions in the best interest of the community.

Vendors: for the good of our community we ask that all vendors of banjo/music related products/services exercise good faith in clearly identifying themselves. Vendor participation is welcome and valued, and we expect you to be involved in discussions of your products. Visitors to the site arrive from all over the world and possess widely varying amounts of knowledge, expertise and experience with our subject matter. This is an international web site for banjo, not a country-specific web site. All visitors should be able to clearly discern a business relationship at all times in discussions of products sold in the retail market.

Vendors that advertise on the Banjo Cafe or Banjo Cafe Forum: as a condition of membership, individuals employed by a Banjo Cafe advertiser are required to clearly identify themselves by their proper full name and employer. A link to your business web page is optional but recommended. This information can be easily added to your signature.

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