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  1. Re: Trischka! New Videos from Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash

    And I'll drop in another with Tony - from the 2016 Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash.
  2. Re: Trischka! New Videos from Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash

    Here's another new one from Tony's YT channel.
  3. Trischka! New Videos from Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash

    Each year I put in some time creating videos for the Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash, a benefit to make needed repairs to one of the oldest and most historic churches in Brooklyn - which used to be known as...
  4. Michael Daves on Teaching Bluegrass Vocals and Melodic Solos

    Forgive my shameless self promotion - but I'm hoping the B-Cafe folks will enjoy aspects of the feature story that I've written for the Mandolin Cafe, >>HERE<<. Michael is known as an ace BG vocalist...
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    Ran Into a Dobson Descendant the Other Day!

    I was having dinner at a friend's home, and the subject of musical instruments came up. The fellow I was speaking with says to me, "my great great great grandfather made banjos. His name was Edward...
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    Re: Article: The Adam Hurt Interview

    Great portrait of Adam. One thing that I love about his recordings is his obvious appreciation and love of Bill Monroe's instrumentals. In his own clawhammer way, he's as sophisticated an interpreter...
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