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  1. Re: experience with Nechville's-especially Atlas-report please

    I have an Atlas 11" pot 25.5 scale and find it to be a wonderful banjo. Earlier I had a Moonshine 26.5" scale with a radiused fretboard. It required the Nechville radiused bridge as well and while it...
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    Re: Recommendations for a custom banjo

    I would only go with Nylgut if you stick to one tuning. It can be plenty loud but from my experience it doesn't like to change from say G to double C without spending a fair amount of time retuning...
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    Re: When to replace strings?

    I hardly ever replace my strings. I've got 5 banjos here now and I think I changed a set last year on one of them. I know I've gone as long as 4 years between string changes. Then again I swap which...
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