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  1. Re: Any TradJazz tenor banjo newbies out there?

    I wanted to approach the subject a little more systematically than just playing written out arrangements, so I got Mel Bay's Tenor Banjo Melody Chord Playing System...
  2. Re: Your favorite OT/trad tunes for Sawmill tuning?

    "Cold rain and snow" as well as being on the first Dead record works nice in sawmill tuning.
  3. Re: Any TradJazz tenor banjo newbies out there?

    Thanks for the links to the chord inversions, Cynthia, I know most of them as they popped up in various songs I have been working on, but I guess it's time for me to sit down and practice them...
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    Re: Hornpipes and Reels on Clawhammer?

    There's a nice clawhammer version of the hornpipe "Off to California" on Mike Iverson's website.
    That's how it should sound after you master the Galax-Lick
  5. Any TradJazz tenor banjo newbies out there?

    let me introduce myself. I'm a long time guitar- and mandoplayer who plays some clawhmmer banjo and some uke.
    Two years ago, on a whim, I bought a 17fret open back tenor banjo, intending to...
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    Re: 5th string capo

    Hi from me too! I have a suspender 5th string capo. It slips off every once in a while.
    But since I only play for myself, that doesn't bother me too much.
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