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    Best online lessons?

    I'm primarily a clawhammer player, but I'd like to learn Scruggs style banjo. Matt Flinner's online lessons really boosted my mandolin playing, but although Matt apparently plays a pretty mean banjo,...
  2. Re: interesting instruction on two finger old time banjo

    Great stuff, darylcrisp. I'll be working on adding some of this to my repertoire for sure.
  3. Re: interesting instruction on two finger old time banjo

    I experimented a bit with thumb lead after watching these videos a few months ago.

    I find it works well as a backup style, but I have trouble adapting clawhammer melodies to thumb lead.
  4. Re: Product Review - D'Addario NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo

    I love these capos - have one for guitar, banjo, and mandolin (ssh, don't tell anyone at Mandolin Cafe)

    Simple, inexpensive, light, nicely adjustable, and they come in a few sizes.
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    Developing a melody (clawhammer)

    As part of expanding my banjo capabilities, I've been trying to learn a bunch of the songs I sing with guitar on the banjo instead, along with learning a version of the melody that works as a melodic...
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    Re: some slow clawhammer with soul

    Awesome. I had never heard of Chris Coole, but I'll certainly be taking a look at the rest of his work.
  7. Thread: 5th string capo

    by keithb

    Re: 5th string capo

    I have spikes in my Pisgah at 7 and 9, but I've been thinking about picking up a Banjo Highway or Shubb sliding capo to give me more flexibility. I've also been thinking I want to try nylon strings,...
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