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    Re: Moon Bridges

    I think you should consider a compensated bridge from Bart Veerman. Not only does he have really cool bridges (the untopped mystery wood is great for old time clawhammer) he also makes custom...
  2. Re: What Irish Traditional Banjo Player(s) have influenced you?

    If you haven't checked out Angelina Carberry you need to! Her album with Martin Quinn is what made me want to play tenor. A raucous rolling album if I ever heard one :P
  3. Re: Your favorite OT/trad tunes for Sawmill tuning?

    You could say that about the banjo in general :P
    hey cool Patrick Costello, love you're book how and Tao!

    Just to add to the thread while I'm here. I also don't know a ton of tunes in g modal....
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    Re: Electronic tuners

    nice work! I imagine that's about as invisible as it's going to get
  5. Has the cafe had its first NBD post yet?

    Just got this Recording King Madison banjo delivered from capos music today, and I wanted to sing the praises of both the banjo and the store

    i just love this banjo, a big step up from the...
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    Re: Year of the banjo

    Saw Keith Urban playing slide on an electric git-Jo on the CMAs the other night so maybe you're right!

    though I think Mumford and sons already really bumped up the popularity of banjos
  7. Thread: Welcome!

    by Longblackveil

    Re: Welcome!

    The site looks great! This will be a big hit. Hope it's ready for all the traffic

    It also inspired me to fix the fifth string nut on my banjo and try again at learning clawhammer, got the nut...
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