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    Re: Tuning to G#

    Are you talking about the strings or the head tension being tuned to G#?
  2. My Yates Torified Grand And The Honey Creek Bluegrass Festival

    Got home yesterday from the most fun bluegrass festival I've ever been to...The Honey Creek Bluegrass Festival at the gorgeous Honey Creek Resort on Lake Rathbun in Moravia, Iowa. Made some...
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    Played a Huber VRB4 today...

    ......I will be adding Mr. Huber to Mr. Yates and Mr. Hopkins as my favorite banjo builders. Although, my ears have an ever so slight preference for Yates banjos. The other two make just as good...
  4. Re: The Appalling Lack Of Bluegrass Music In Branson

    I think most people, certainly not all, that like traditional country music also like bluegrass music. The Grand Ole Opry recognizes that and has a BG act almost every show. That alone should provide...
  5. The Appalling Lack Of Bluegrass Music In Branson

    I can hardly believe the glaring void of bluegrass music in the Branson area. There's a huge niche for bluegrass music there. They have The Petersons, who are quite good, but only play occasionally...
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    Re: $1,000 Bluegrass Banjo

    RK. Much bang for the buck.
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