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  1. interesting instruction on two finger old time banjo

    and a great version of Little Maggie in two finger style
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    Re: Where are the banjo pluckin' ladies?

    Hi Jen

    check out the website for the banjobabes-its a very upbeat, classy, event(calendar and CD) each year for female artists.
    the calendar is on heavy stock, excellent photography, each month...
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    Re: some slow clawhammer with soul

    a really well made, easy to understand and apply method, is Zen Banjo by Steve Baughman. There should be some samples from the video on

    the way Steve presents and...
  4. 1928 Vega Little Wonder, just arrived today

    I will take some pictures in a day or two, picked this up from Bob Smakula, and its a dandy.

    W Fawley neck, original pot/hardware/dowel rod.

    Really sweet, full of tone, and plays very well all...
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    Re: Does a good/great banjo have to be so heavy?

    i'm an openback player so keep that in mind. i highly prefer lighter weight banjos, and tend to find what i like in the 5.5 or 6 lb range.

    the current ones i have are:

    Bart Reiter A...
  6. new book out soon: Dwight Diller, West Virginia Mountain Musician

    NFI on my part,
    thought some of you might enjoy this book on Dwight Diller. if you've never heard of him, do a google search and I'm sure you will find a lot of info. couple years ago I spent a...
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    some slow clawhammer with soul

    from two of my favorite players

    Old Dog, by Chris Coole

    and a nice version of Old Dog from the gentle soul of Cathy Cress(check out her videos,...
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