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    Where have all the old tenor necks gone?

    I have a 30's (?) Maybell 19 fret tenor with a poorly repaired headstock break.
    Does anyone know where I can obtain a replacement?
    (I would actually prefer a 17 fret if possible.)
    Can anyone...
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    Re: Does a good/great banjo have to be so heavy?

    An open back is a little lighter, but a wide strap really helps. None of my banjos is as heavy as my 5 string electric bass or a few telecasters I've owned for that matter!
  3. Re: Pickups and microphones - advice on amplifying the banjo

    Hi banjoeric, amplification of acoustic instruments is always a a compromise. The answer really depends on where, how loud and how much can you afford. While I always mic up to record, it would never...
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