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    Re: 5th string capo

    I have spikes on two of my open back banjos, a custom made super tubaphone O ring made to be the loudest open back possible and on my Enoch tradesman. Frankly, I never figure out how to make them...
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    Re: Classic style banjo

    Hi are you a member of the American Banjo Fraternity as am I. The classic name for the banjo style is a recent development since the 1970s or e3ven 80s. I do a lot of banjo history research...
  3. Re: Giving away free Banjo Cafe case stickers right now

    Need stickers. YOU NEED them to distinguish your banjo. At a banjo history meet, I had an identical case for my Kevin Enoch Tradesman to the one Bill Evans had for his 1920s RB worth about 10 years...
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