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Thread: Cheap Banjo, Upgrade Ideas?

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    Cheap Banjo, Upgrade Ideas?

    Hi again. As stated in my first post I inherited a cheapo Davison 6-string banjo (like this one) for free from the family of a deceased friend and playing partner. So due to sentimental value I'll keep it. I've set it up and changed out the string gage, added a twin head pickup, and really like playing it. At Wintergrass last year I got a nice Nechville wooden armrest for a good price. I'm wondering about other potential upgrades to either enhance playability or tone. Being new to banjo, I don't know what is worth doing and what isn't. So what would anyone recommend? New bridge? New resonator? New head? Thanks!

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    Re: Cheap Banjo, Upgrade Ideas?

    I have a 5 string Davison. A lot depends on what kind of sound you want. For me, the fiberskyn head really helped give me the sound I wanted. Also, I would recommend Don New's bridges. 100+ year old Barnwood Spillway Dam Banjo Bridge. Here's the Banjo Hangout link:


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