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Thread: "Deering Smile" banjo bridge

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    "Deering Smile" banjo bridge

    Does anyone know anything about this new material?

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    Re: "Deering Smile" banjo bridge


    I'm thinking real hard about getting one of these but I don't know if it's legit or just "something to buy."

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    Re: "Deering Smile" banjo bridge

    It's a bridge...

    There are are other makers (Bart Veerman and Tim Purcell some to mind) that have been putting a radius on the feet to compensate for sag for quite a while. It's not really anything new. Seems pretty pricey, but maybe hats part of the allure?

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    Re: "Deering Smile" banjo bridge

    I've ended up getting two different bridges by Tim Purcell and they're quite a good job!


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