Some tips on getting started!

All membership requests are screened by one of our administrators. Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we step away, sometimes we have family matters to attend to but usually your account will be evaluated within a few hours, most of the time much sooner.

You will receive a series of emails from us upon registration welcoming you and providing some easy to read instructions. Once you are completely registered

  • Log in on any Forum page in the upper right-hand corner.

We strongly recommend you check the "Remember Me" box just below the login area as that will keep you logged in without the need to re-enter

  • In order to post you must first enter a Forum!

A Forum is one of the subjects on the main Forum page such as General Banjo Discussions. Once you enter the Forum where you wish to post you will see a large "Post New Thread" button in the upper left-side of the page.

When you post either a New Thread (new discussion you start) or reply to an existing discussion you'll likely want a small image most Forums offer that is attached to your post. This is called an Avatar, and you can upload your own at the link we just gave you or use one of our pre-made Avatars. As with any image, it is subject to our Forum Guidelines (no religion, sex, political or hotbutton issues as your Avatar).

You can add a Signature to your posts as well. This is a small text area appended to your posts where you can include a link to your web site, a list of your instruments, a saying, of something else that matters to you. Same applies, Forum Guidelines.

Want to customize your membership? Almost every customization is found in the Settings link at the top right of every Forum page. Whatever you're looking for, that's a good place to start and get accustomed to.

That's enough for now. We're here to assist so don't hesitate to ask. The only dumb question is one that doesn't get asked.