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Thread: Your Favorite Strings

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    Your Favorite Strings

    My banjo professor loves Black Diamond N734-1/2 so that's what I've been using. I haven't tried anything else. I was hoping to get some input on other folks favorites so I can try them out. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    The only strings I'v used for about 20 years are GHS PF150's. I REALLY like them.

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    I'm liking the Siminoff Straight up strings in medium on my 5-string.


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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    Thank you both. Going to order these and try them out.

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    I'm pretty fond of banjo strings... ��

    I've used just about every brand I can think of. Provided they're a gauge I like, I'm happy.

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    Have been using GHS PF175s for the last couple years. Just tried a set of D'Addario EJ61NY and got to say I like the sound better. My 4th "D" string really growls now.

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    I really like Curt Mangan strings. I think Yates still endorses these.

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    I use Gibson Earl Scruggs (Mediums)

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    Have tried several different brands of strings but I always find myself always going back to the Deering lights.

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    Re: Your Favorite Strings

    I agree with Jim Pankey. I am not too fussy about brand as long as the gauge is right. I 10-10 and the 4th string can be anything heavier than 22. Just Strings often has sales and when they do, I will buy 10 sets or so. Sometimes I can also find some deals on eBay.


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