Hi Folks,

Now that I am back in Tucson with real internet service I will be here more at the Cafe'. So glad Scott is making this site available.

Clawcamp East in Ohio was a great success and now it is time to look to the west.

Clawcamp West will be here in Tucson, Arizona March 10-12, 2017. Y'all should be ready for some sun by then and this is the place to be in the spring. Not too hot yet, but warming up with plenty of spring flowers happening. Hiking and more right here too.

While many other camps feature a large number of classes and instructors, Clawcamp has just one of the best and most well known teachers in the country—Dan Clawdan Levenson.

This camp focuses on your basic skills. Perhaps some might call it Clawhammer Boot Camp. During the weekend, we touch on all aspects of clawhammer banjo playing according to level and interests of students including both right and left hand styles, double thumb, drop thumb, rolls (often mistakenly called “the Galax Lick”), the “chuck,” tuning, timing, hammers, pulls, and WHY and where you would choose to use them. We will also deal with topics such as playing position, ergonomics of motion (how not to get HURT in the process of having a good time!) and how to play with others. There will be an intensive “listening” session and other sessions can include a session on writing tab and one on performance techniques.

For more info and registration links please go to http://clawdan.com/index.php?/worksh...amp_west_2017/

Hope to see you there. Remember, space is limited so sign up soon.

Play Nice,