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Thread: Friend Looking of a Banjo

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    Friend Looking of a Banjo

    I have a friend who is a professional steel player who is looking a buying a professional quality banjo (he wants the solid tone) to help in work on his right hand techniques for his steel playing. As I have been out of the banjo world for quite a while, I was a bit out touch to know what to recommend. I did suggest that he would get a lot more banjo buying used than new. His price range is from about $1500 to $5000 depending on what he sells and what is available. He is looking for a bluegrass resonator 5 string. What would you guys suggest?

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    Re: Friend Looking of a Banjo

    A Huber Workhorse is well within his budget .... he could even get the pot upgraded to the Truetone.


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    Re: Friend Looking of a Banjo

    Steve and I have the same last name. At IBMA i kept having people ask me about his tone rings and he finally gave me some cards with his room number. My Smith (Robin Smith/Heartland) banjo has a Huber ring. Thank you for the suggestion.


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