......I will be adding Mr. Huber to Mr. Yates and Mr. Hopkins as my favorite banjo builders. Although, my ears have an ever so slight preference for Yates banjos. The other two make just as good of banjos with an equally good but different type of tone. Killer banjos all. Wish I had the resources to own several banjos from all three makers. But until then, my ears say my Yates Skillet Head and Yates Torified Grand are my number one/s. That Huber is one gorgeous sounding banjo though. And if you haven't played a D.P. Hopkins...do yourself a huge favor. We truly have WONDERFUL choices in banjos these days. And I haven't even played half of them. But I am so, so, so, happy with my Yates banjos. But that Huber, oh my! OK, I'm going in circles so I'll shut up now.