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Thread: Making some progress with tunes!

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    Making some progress with tunes!

    Lately I've been feeling like I'm never going to be able to play tunes on either the OM or the Banjo.

    However yesterday I felt that I made a breakthrough

    Still a very very very long way to go, but I could actually see/feel/hear some progress, which was great!

    Lately I've been really focussing in on what I'm doing and how I want things to sound.

    yesterday I tried just playing around with the TV on (food network I think) and that really seemed to chill me out a bit and better sounds were happening!

    Hoping that a combination of doodling around and really focussing on some specific areas when I need to will help me continue to improve.

    Also some evenings I don't have time to practice or I'm out at sessions, running sessions etc, so I'm playing other instruments there at the moment.

    It's good to just be able to pick up the Banjo while waiting for tea to brew etc.


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    Re: Making some progress with tunes!

    Keep at it.


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