Went to see the Kingston Trio on the 31st, last Tuesday. They are great. I am a big fan of George Grove and I have emulated his style. What I like about him is that he mixes frailing, strumming, Seeger style, and three finger Scruggs style often in the same song. I have done lots of performing in the Tampa Bay area as a single act with the banjo. I have found that by mixing different styles in the same song breaks up the monotony. For example, when singing a verse, I will use a modified Seeger style, and sometimes hit a few strum licks and then on the break will play Scruggs style. Ever notice that most Scruggs style player never sing while playing? When they sing, they stop playing. It is easier to frail/strum when singing than it is to play Scruggs style and sing.

When I have mentioned this to other players, they thought it was a bad idea and that it would not work. Well, tell that to George grove.