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Thread: Welcome!

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    Re: Welcome!

    Whaddaya know! The expected annual April Fools joke (at the Mandolin Café) is that the Banjo Café, launched public on 4/01, is NOT an April Fool's joke. Nicely done, Scott. Here's wishing that the reality turns out as well as that prior April Fool's joke, the book "Mandolin for Dummies".

    Hmm, looks like the Classified section is shared between the two sites. Given the pre-existing segregation by instrument, that makes a lot of sense.

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    Re: Welcome!

    I was curious about the launch day too! I was excited to see it was in fact, not an april fools joke!

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    Re: Welcome!

    Thanks for not being an April Fools joke, on both sites now. Picked up a tenor and 5 string banjo, slowly playing with both. Wayne

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    Re: Welcome!

    I too thought this might be a Mandolin Cafe style April Fool's joke - delighted to see that it's not! Been a member over there since 2009, but was a tenor banjo player for several years before I ever picked up the mandolin. Now I have one more thing to distract me from work!

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    Re: Welcome!

    Just in time for my sort of new banjo! I like this forum software much more than other banjo sites. Thanks for setting it up.

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    Re: Welcome!

    Pleased to be here... great site.. on par with Mando Café where I have been lodging for 12 yrs.

    I played banjo from 72-77 .. 1925 TB3 conversion.. I built the neck.
    I now have started back up with banjo and have my third Bart Reiter and my second Grand Concert.

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    Re: Welcome!

    New to the Cafe, new to the banjo! I've always secretly wanted to play one

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    Re: Welcome!

    New to here, obviously. Not new to banjo! Cool site.

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