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Thread: Custom Ome Flora

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    Custom Ome Flora

    Hi all, I'll start this show...

    About 2 years ago I decided to learn clawhammer and quickly ordered a custom instrument from Ome. It has the aesthetics of the Flora model but with the addition of the Silverspun tone ring. It hass a 12" rim with a 25.5" scale wide nut scale, which suits me better than the longer, thinner standard, as I have been a guitar player for most of my life. It has a warm but clear tone, is plenty loud enough without being obnoxious, and plays like a dream.

    Ome Flora 01.jpg Ome Flora 02.jpg Ome Flora 06.jpg

    Ome Flora 03.jpg Ome Flora 04.jpg Ome Flora 07.jpg

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    Re: Custom Ome Flora

    That is a really good looking banjo..

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    Re: Custom Ome Flora

    It's a beauty! I went with a custom Ome when I caught the clawhammer bug as well (mine is an 11" rim Jubilee with vintage brass tone ring, walnut neck and rim). I get compliments on it everywhere I go, and the quality is outstanding. I love the aged brass hardware and the brown tuner buttons just like yours has.

    How do you like the 12" rim? I've been thinking of getting another Ome with a 12" rim for additional depth of sound. Does it feel really different to hold and play than an 11" rim?

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    Re: Custom Ome Flora

    That's a beautiful banjo! The folks at Ome make some awesome instruments. I, especially, like the antique brass hardware that compliments the rich color of the wood. I bet it plays like a charm!


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