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Thread: Got 9 minutes?

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    Got 9 minutes?

    Give a watch and find out why Harry Reser is a legend in the bigger world of banjo that might not be what you're used to. Then come over and see what we have about him in our historical database that has over 1,100 important banjo related entries.

    If 9 minutes is too much, skip ahead to the 7:00 mark, but the first seven minutes are darn precious.

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    Re: Got 9 minutes?

    I'll be on the YouTube this afternoon soaking more of this up. Here is another taste.

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    Re: Got 9 minutes?

    Thanks for that Reser video ... and any others. The piece he plays at the end is Tiger Rag ... here's Sean Moyses doing it, along with Temptation. The joy of banjo playing is obvious from both Harry and Sean.
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    Re: Got 9 minutes?

    Got a copy of Banjo Crackerjax 1922-1930 the other day. Popped it in the player in my car on a drive this morning. Just dynamite stuff.

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    Re: Got 9 minutes?

    I love this stuff! Post more, please.


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