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Thread: Fiberskyn head and string choice

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    Fiberskyn head and string choice

    I picked up a new banjo the other day. First time I have had one with a fiberskyn head. I am about to go over to Strings and Beyond to take advantage of their free international shipping, but I'm not sure what kind of strings to get for the new banjo. Does anyone vary their string choice with a fiberskyn head vs. frosted vs. Renaissance head?

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    Re: Fiberskyn head and string choice

    I suppose you're playing clawhammer? I've got a fiberskyn head, I haven't tried everything, but once I settled on nickel wound medium strings, I started buying Martin vega mediums in bulk from stringsandbeyond. They're as good as anything else and about as good a deal as you can get.

    20 sets for 36.99

    thats just what works for me. Some don't like mediums OR nickel wounds. I can deal with different winding material, but I can't abide by light strings

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    Re: Fiberskyn head and string choice

    Thanks Longblackveil. Yep, clawhammer with a little finger picking thrown in. I agree about light strings, can't stand 'em. 20 sets would keep me in strings for years, but I think I will order a few different sets, and the Martins will be in the mix.


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