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Thread: JD Crowe's Flying Eagle

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    JD Crowe's Flying Eagle

    Who made JD's "Flying Eagle" inlay neck? I know his banjo didn't have a neck when he bought it, and he had a neck made for it, one before the flying eagle neck.

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    Re: JD Crowe's Flying Eagle


    You may find the answer in this video Bill Mills did with JD:


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    Re: JD Crowe's Flying Eagle

    Thanks Ryk. The video indicates that a flying eagle neck was made by Harry Sparks in the 60's, but they refer to it as, "it was...," and not "this one," so it may be the one shown in the video, or perhaps the one in the video is a different flying eagle neck. That's confusing to me????

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    Re: JD Crowe's Flying Eagle

    Just found a You Tube video from Grey Fox 2011 festival, banjo workshop, where Crowe talks about his banjo, "This is a neck made by Frank Neat," (referring to Flying Eagle pattern).


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