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Thread: Well, I did it...

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    Well, I did it...

    That call of Elderly, and fretless mountain banjers did me in:


    Time to practice!

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    Wow! Talk about jumping in with both feet! Please post a couple more pics if you get a break from practicing.

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    I've been wanting to try out a fretless banjo for a while now, and I'll probably give in to temptation at some point. Not sure it's ideal as a first banjo to learn on, though!

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    Nice! I saw that the other day and was pretty tempted, if only because Frank Proffit is one my favorites.

    Remember Tobin, there was a time when fret less were the ONLY choice. They got along just fine. Takes a decent ear though

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    I've always played by ear (such as the efforts on instruments could be called 'playing'), so that's not an issue. I like Longblackveil said, there was a time when there were no frets, and thousands and thousands of people young and old learned to play. Since I have no real experience on this at all, I've no bad habits to bring to the table

    I'm waiting for my index and middle fingernails to grow out a bit more (I just clipped them all, not know how crucial they are to clawhammer), but that doesn't stop me from practicing my technique.


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    Re: Well, I did it...

    Bravo my good sir. Like a boss! Just started myself and I didn't even know you could get a fretless banjo. If I did know that I still would've gone with the safety net of frets. Once you get going though I have to imagine you'll have a tremendous advantage.

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    Well just like fiddlers, now you won't have to fret!

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    thats an extremely nice, well put together mountain banjo.

    if you've not been introduced to Tim Eriksen, well, now's the time. an amazing artist, check out his offerings. Tim spent some time with Dwight Diller and here is a dandy tune he took home from that time. I'm thinking
    Tims father owned this banjo and passed it on, i think its over 40 years old(and its been a few years so i may have that all wrong).

    Last Chance

    and for more, enjoy a mountain dulcimer with a mountain banjo-Tim on dulcimer

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    Re: Well, I did it...

    and here is a slowed down version with Tim O'brien singing with Tim E and Riley (listen for the mountain banjo in there)

    and you must see/listen to this Wayfaring Stranger, by request, from a midnight concert in the church on the square in Namest nad Oslavou, Czech Republic, July 24-25, 2009. There's an exterior shot of the church and square at the end of the video.


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    Re: Well, I did it...

    and i have to put one more, Amazing Grace on a long neck.


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