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Thread: Praise to Jeremiah

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    Praise to Jeremiah

    I needed a MAJOR repair to my IIDA banjo (I'd be embarrassed to say why), but since I own a Nechville Vintage and since Tom Nechville has done maintenance on my OME and since I only live an hour from Nechville Banjos, I took it there to see if it could be repaired or if I'd have to shoot it. Jeremiah looked at it and told me,"I can fix this." Not only did he repair it in record time, it cost much less than I expected. Not only does Nechville make EXCELLENT banjos, they can repair banjos ( and any other bluegrass instrument Tom told me) and get it back to you in like new condition. THANK YOU JEREMIAH for working miracles for me.It's great to know there are still craftsmen who take great pride in their work. If you ever get to the Minneapolis area, stop by Nechville Banjos for a visit and a tour. Believe me, it will be like visiting an old friend Oh, and if you get down this way, give me a shout and maybe we can do lunch.

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