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Weymann Orchestra A Tenor (Pro Setup- Excellent Condition)

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Weymann Orchestra A Tenor (Pro Setup- Excellent Condition)

This banjo is one of the Weymann Orchestra models with the megaphonic rim, decorative flanges, arch top tone ring, and pop-on resonator. Extremely light for a resonator archtop banjo.

Extremely awesome condition. Headstock looks crazy good. A few scuffs on the rim under the resonator that are hidden when the resonator is on. Set up for Irish professionally by the lads at Bernunzio Music and equipped with a frosted head.

Recently I came into possession of Clareen. This sounds comparable to less than third of the price. Vintage gets you way more bang for your buck, but you have to worry about setup and condition. This thing has been inspected, cleaned, and prepared by the best tenor banjo shop in the US.

Same internals and construction methods as higher end Weymann orchestras, pretty sure the only differences are wood choice and inlays, etc. This one is mahogany, which does a nice job of calming down the archtop tone ring a bit.

Weymann Orchestra model A’s are probably the best bang for buck tenor out there in my opinion. Several great Irish tenor makers use the Weymann design as well for its depth and projection (see JP banjos- he’s an engineer who got into Irish banjo making and after testing out many construction methods, chose the Weymann Orchestra style sans resonator).

Below is a clip of the instrument in action:


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