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Old-Time Festival Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo

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This book and extensive online audio recording is intended to be a tune repertoire book. It includes over 100 Old-Time festival favorites. Some are cliche, others unusual, some easy, some difficult. The book contains 2 lines of tablature (one basic and one advanced) as well as standard notation and suggested chords. The basic version should be playable by those with general clawhammer skills. The advanced version will require more time and finesse as it is more ornamental (often more than just melodic) and may include less than intuitive ways of playing some passages. Includes access to online banjo and fiddle audio.

(Mr.) Fischar's Hornpipe
Banjo Tramp
Big John McNeal
Big Scioto
Bill Cheatem
Billy in the Lowground
Black Eyed susie
Black Eyed Suzie-anna
Blackberry Blossom
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Bonaparte's Retreat - 1
Bonaparte's Retreat - 2
Breakin' Up Christmas
Broken Down Gambler
Buffalo Gals - common melody in G
Buffalo Gals - in A
Bull at the Wagon
Camp Chase
Candy Girl
Cherokee Shuffle - aka Lost Indian
Chinese Breakdown
Colored Aristocracy
Cotton Eyed Joe
Crow Creek
Cuckoo's Nest
Dan Levenson products available
Dry and Dusty
Durang's Hornpipe - festival version
Durang's Hornpipe - old fiddlers' version
Ed Haley's Lost Indian
Flop Eared Mule
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss aka Suzanna Gal; Western Country
Flying Indian
Georgia Railroad
Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine
Green Willis - aka The Raw Recruit
Half Past Four
Hangman's Reel - in A
Hangman's Reel - in C
Hollow Poplar
Icy Mountain
Indian Eat the Woodchuck
Jeff Sturgeon
Jenny Git Around
Jimmy in the Swamp
John Brown's Dream
John Brown's March
John Henry
John Lover's Gone
John Stenson's #2
Johnny Cope
Johnny Don't Get Drunk
Joke on the Puppy - aka Rye Straw
Julianne Johnson
Jump in the Well My Pretty Little Miss
Jump Jim Crow
June Apple
Kansas City Reel
Kitchen Girl
Leather Britches
Little Billie Wilson
Little Rabbit
Liza Poor Gal
Logan County Blues
Lost Indian - 1 - straight major version
Lost Indian - 2 - crooked modal version
Lost Indian - 3 - in D - crooked
Martha Campbell
Mole in the Ground - aka Tempy
Monkey on a Dogcart
Muddy Roads
New Five Cents
Nixon's Farewell
North Carolina Breakdown
Old Bunch of Keys
Old Joe Clark - 1 - major
Old Joe Clark - 2 - modal
Old Mother Flanagan
Pike's Peak - aka "Rat Cheese" or Natches Under the Hill
Possum in a Well
Possum on a Rail
Quince Dillon's HIgh D
Rachael - aka Texas Quickstep
Ragtime Annie
Railroading Across the Rocky Mountains aka Marmaduke's Hornpipe
Red Haired Boy
Reuben's Train
Rochester Schottische
Rocky Pallet
Rush and the Pepper
Saint Anne's Reel
Sally Anne Johnson
Sandy Boys - Burl hammons' version
Sandy Boys - Edden Hammon's version
Sandy River Belle
Sarah Armstrong's Tune - aka Old Reel
Shuffle About
Smith's Reel
Staten Island Hornpipe
Sugar in the Gourd
Texas Gals
Tom and Jerry
Too Young to Marry - aka - Sweet Sixteen; aka - My Love is But a Lass
Wake Up Susan
Walking In MY Sleep
Washington's March
Ways of the World
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Whistling Rufus
Yellow Rose of Texas

Book + Online Audio $29.99

New Beginning Banjo Package

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Our New Beginning Banjo DVDs have been updated, expanded, and re-recorded in High Definition (HD)! We now offer three volumes of Beginning Banjo DVDs. Each song now includes the vamp chords and an ending lick. Taught by Murphy Henry with son Chris Henry on guitar. All songs are taught by ear and there is no tablature or written music.

The best possible way to learn to play the banjo!

Package Includes:
New Beginning Banjo 1 (Banjo in The Hollow, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, Blue Ridge Cabin Home)

New Beginning Banjo 2 (Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I Saw the Light, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Do Lord, John Hardy.)

New Beginning Banjo 3 (Foggy Mountain Breakdown (high break), Old Joe Clark, Lonesome Road Blues, Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Salt Creek.)

DVD or Download


Wade Ward Clawhammer Banjo Master

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Wade Ward Clawhammer Banjo Master is a collection of clawhammer banjo tablature as played by Wade Ward, with modern interpretations by Bob Carlin and Dan Levenson. This book is the second in a series of transcriptions of tunes from the old masters--in this case, Wade Ward--who gave definition to our style of old time clawhammer banjo playing. The repertoire, presented in tablature, is intended to be a starting point for your journey through the old time music world. As such, each piece is presented in multiple arrangements, but on the page and on the accompanying audio online. The recordings are for the most part played at a learning tempo and are close to the written notation but not exact in all cases. Includes access to online audio.


Introductory notes
About the audio; About the tunes
Reading tablature
Bob’s Method
Dan’s Method
Arkansas Traveler
Chilly Winds
Cluck Old Hen
Remembrances from Charles Faurnot
Cripple Creek
Cumberland Gap
Ducks On The Millpond
Fall on My Knees
Going Done This Road Feelin’ Bad
Half Shaved aka Lost Indian
John Hardy
John Lover’s Gone
Johnson Boys
June Apple
Mississippi Sawyer
New River Train
Old Jimmy Sutton
Old Joe Clark
Old Reuben
Peachbottom Creek
Polly Put the Kettle On
Sally Ann
Shady Grove
Silly Bill
Sourwood Mountain
A Biography of Wade Ward
Uncle Eef Got a Coon
Walking in The Parlor
A Selected Discography of Recordings used in this book
About the authors

eBook+Online Audio $14.99
Book + Online Audio $19.99

New Beginning Banjo 2 (High Definition)

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NEW Beginning Banjo 2 (High Definition): Still keeping it easy. Familiar songs make it fun. Lots of exciting new licks. Plenty of familiar licks. More easy improv. We’re already teaching you to jam. Chords, ending licks. Some of the most important banjo licks ever are taught here. Don’t skip this one!

Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I Saw the Light, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Do Lord, John Hardy.

DVD or Download. No Tab!


Clawhammer Banjo Tunes, Tips & Jamming (Book/CD Set)

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Wayne's newest clawhammer book has something for everyone: beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Includes tabs and lyrics to 40 old-time banjo tunes, plus tips on learning tunes on the fly, how to jam, the art of faking it, and improvising.

You WILL learn to play: Barlow Knife, Big-Eyed Rabbit, Black-Eyed Susie, Blackest Crow, Boll Weevil, Chilly Winds, Cumberland Gap, Dance All Night, Danville Girl, East Virginia, Fall on My Knees, Free Little Bird, Georgia Railroad, Greasy Coat, Gum Tree Canoe, Hangman's Reel, Hang Me, I've Endured, Lazy John, Leather Britches, Let Me Fall, Log Cabin Blues, Lonesome John, Mole in the Ground, Needlecase, Oh My Little Darling, Old Plank Road, Puncheon Floor, Rabbit in a Log, Raleigh & Spencer, Rock That Cradle Lucy, Rock That Cradle Joe, Sandy Boys, Sad-Eyed Sadie, Senica Square Dance, Shady Grove, Shortenin' Bread, Soldier's Joy, Stay All Night, Sugar in the Gourd, Tater Patch, Texas Gals, Warfare, Whiskey Before Breakfast.

Includes an instruction MP3 CD.

Book/CD Set
PRICE: $24.95

Advanced Earl

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Advanced Earl: And when we say "Earl" of course we're talking about Earl Scruggs, THE MASTER of the five-string banjo. He’s the one who gave us all the great licks you’ve been learning and many of the tunes. Every one from Bela Fleck to Cia Cherryholmes has at one time studied Earl.

The five selections presented here are chock full of new advanced-level licks. “Sally Goodwin” and “Foggy Mountain Special” in particular form the bedrock for much up-the-neck playing and improvising. “Sally Goodwin” will make your fiddling friends happy, while “Foggy Mountain Special” is a boogie-woggie tour de force.

These classic bluegrass tunes are not only for devoted Scruggs-style students. They are for anyone who wants to play at the higher-level jam sessions. When you trot out “Groundspeed” or “Pike County Breakdown,” other pickers will know there’s a serious banjo player in town. No Tab.

Sally Goodwin (two breaks), Groundspeed, Pike County Breakdown, Foggy Mountain Special. (2 hours)

DVD or Digital Download



Murphy's Best Banjo Newsletter Columns From 1983-1994

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...and there you have it! is a collection of Murphy's best Banjo Newsletter columns from 1983-1994. This 184-page soft cover book is, first and foremost, full of Murphy's advice about playing the banjo. But it also contains stories about her kids and their adventures while learning to play, stories about women in bluegrass, and stories about Murphy's travels through the years and some of the people she has met. The book has over 25 black and white photos, including a very pregnant Murphy posing belly-to-belly with one of her favorite banjo pickers, Jim Fee. The color photo on the cover was taken by the very talented photographer MaryE Yeomans and shows Murphy with two of her favorite things: her banjo and a bag of M and M's! If you have enjoyed Murphy's writing in Banjo Newsletter over the years, if you like her the work she does for Bluegrass Unlimited in the General Store column, or if you just like good writing with a down-home touch, you will enjoy this book.

Sorry, but exorbitant postage costs prohibit us from shipping outside the US. If you are non-US and desperately want the book, please call us (number on our web site) and we can quote you the price plus shipping.


The Patuxent Banjo Project

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The Patuxent Banjo Project - Murphy, Casey, and 39 other banjo players are each featured on this two-CD set, an amazing collection of pickers from the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania regions. Murphy's brand new recording of "Hazel Creek" features Mark Schatz on bowed bass. Casey penned a new tune just for this project: "Purple Creek." For background on the recording read Casey's blog post.


Track list

CD 1
Hot Burrito Breakdown - Mike Munford
Going Home - Roni Stoneman
Sugarfoot Rag - Tom Adams
The Ghost on Hippie Hill - Victor Furtado
Paddy on the Turnpike - Don Bryant
Things in Life - Randy Barrett
Hazel Creek - Murphy Henry
Bird Bath - Mark Delaney
Marching Through Glenville - Bill Runkle
Allegretto con Melanzane - Ira Gitlin
Farewell Blues - Kevin Church
Ninety Degrees - Mark Schatz
Lickity Split - Chris Warner
Dazed - Tim Kruzic
Cumberland Gap - Paul Brown
Goldfield - Bill Blackburn
Cedar City Blues - Eddie Adcock
Banjoland - Tom Neal
Scramble - John Brunschwyler & Brennen Ernst
Dear Old Dixie - Dick Smith

Blue Grass Stomp - Fred Geiger
Man Gave Names to all the Animals - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Follow the Leader - Merl Johnson
Dying on the Field of Battle - David McLaughlin
Lori Ann - Scott Walker
Phoebe's Lullaby - Gina Clowes
Bolen's Bounce - Marc Bolen
Once I Had an Old Banjo / Billy in the Low Ground - Stephen Wade
My Little Home in West Virginia - Bill Emerson
Angelina Baker - Joe Zauner
Crossing the Blue Ridge - Billy Wheeler
The Drunken Fiddler - Reed Martin
Cripple Creek - John Farmer
Rocky the Wonder Dog - Keith Arneson
Sawmill Shuffle - Pete Kuykendall
Big Sciota - Doug McKelway
The Baltimore Fire - Joe Herrmann
Purple Creek - Casey Henry
Upper Elk Creek - Walter Hensley
My Old Home in Baltimore - Russ Carson

Bluegrass Banjo From All Sides

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Bluegrass Banjo from All Sides focuses on fifteen common jam session tunes, offering many different arrangements for each tune. The arrangements are presented in varying levels of difficulty. The reader will work through standard melody and harmony arrangements, playing backup in a bluegrass setting, playing backup behind fiddlers, and even two-banjo harmony. Further, the tunes offer a catalog of banjo techniques that can be applied to one's overall banjo approach and licks to be absorbed into one's vocabulary. Altogether this book demonstrates the stylistic versatility of three-finger banjo, as well as its identity and character. The book comes with accompanying online audio.


eBook+Online Audio $19.99
Book + Online Audio $19.99


How to use this book

Arrangement Levels
Teachable Moments
Note Emphasis
Left hand Fingering
Practice Tips
Learning by Listening

Cripple Creek (A/B)

Teachable moment: 3 against 4

Oh, My Loving Brother (A/B)

Teachable Moment (Level A): Banjo Harmony
Teachable Moment (Level A): Long Rolls
Teachable moment (Level A): The "Sally Goodin" G position

Pig in a Pen (A/B)

Teachable Moment (Level A): Why play second string notes with the thumb?
Teachable Moment (Level A): Playing up the neck
Teachable moment (Level B): Phrasing like a Singer

Wabash Cannonball (A/B)

Teachable Moment: Using open strings to mask left hand movement
Teachable Moment: Playing the right break at the right time

Sunny Side of the Mountain (A/B)

Teachable moment (Level A): The most important Backup Lick ever
Teachable moment (Level B): Compound Rolls

Forked Deer (A/B/C)

Teachable Moment (Level A): Guide Fingers

Blackberry Blossom (A/C)
My Home’s Across The Blue Ridge Mountains

Teachable moment (Level B): Learn to play in D by playing up-the-neck in G

Red Wing (A/B)
June Apple (A/B)
America the Beautiful (A/B/C)
Oh! Susanna (A/C)
Little Liza Jane (A/B/C)
Old Joe Clark (A/B/C)
Down in the Willow Garden (A/B)
The Author

Summer Half Off Sale At The Murphy Method

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Howdy, Folks!

Now is your chance to stock up on anything you've been wanting to learn. All DVDs, downloads, and custom lessons are half price from now through August 16th.

Tenor Banjo Wall Chart

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Mel Bay's New Tenor Banjo Wall Chart with Fingerboard Note and Master Chord reference features 30 clearly labeled chords placed around a large photograph of an attractive tenor banjo. Featured are major, minor, seventh, sixth, minor seventh, major seventh, ninth, diminished and augmented chord forms. Each form includes left hand fingering and identifies the chord number of each note. The Fingerboard Note diagram locates every note on the 19 fret tenor banjo neck! This beautiful reference is a great learning tool, a convenient reference and an attractive addition to any wall.


Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy And Mechanics Wall Chart

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Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy and Mechanics is a comprehensive visual map of the 5-string resonator banjo. The poster includes a large diagram of the instrument and detailed views of its components. Descriptions of all the major parts explain their functions. This poster is a great visual for anyone interested in the banjo.


Tailpiece Cover 1920s Gibson Tenor Banjo

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Tailpiece cover 1920s Gibson tenor banjo

CONUS only

$200 OBO includes shipping

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Michael Eck

Albany NY


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Two Lots Of Jaw Harps

Early Irish-American Banjo

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Here is the Lost Heritage of the Irish-American Banjo!

The Irish-style Tenor banjo has become immensely popular of late, yet the roots of Irish influence on American banjo music extends right back to the 1840s, when the legendary Joel Sweeney picked up a gourd banjo from Black American banjo players, and proceeded to perform 'jigs, reels and breakdowns'. Other Irish-Americans played a leading role in the development and popularity of the banjo in America, and Rob MacKillop has collected 27 of their finest pieces in this collection, the first of its kind.

Early Irish-American Banjo is a solo instrumental collection written in standard notation plus 3 lines of tablature for the 5-string banjo, the 4-string tenor banjo in standard tuning (CGDA), and for the Irish tenor banjo in octave-mandolin tuning (GDAE low-to-high). Lyrics are not included in this volume.

Can be played with either a flat pick or fingerstyle.

The online audio recording contains brilliant performances of all 27 pieces by Rob MacKillop, a leading performer of historical banjo music. Rob performs fingerstyle, with the flesh of his fingertips on gut strings, on a period-appropriate banjo, in the old American tuning. This audio is a treasure in itself.

Tunes included: St Patrick's Day; Rocky Road To Dublin; Savourneen Deelish; McCormick Party Reel, Sheridan's Hornpipe, Connaught Man's Rambles, and many others. Includes access to online audio.

eBook+Online Audio $18.99
Book + Online Audio $19.99


Method For The Banjo With Or Without A Master - Frank B Converse (1865)

1 St Patrick's Day [4th-string - D]
2 Bully For All (aka Paddy Go Down) [C]
3 Sprig of Shelalah [D]
4 Irishman's Shanty [D]
5 Blarney Jig [C]
6 Mickey Malooney [D]
7 Irish Jig [D]

The Banjo And How To Play It - Frank B Converse (1872)

8 Rocky Road To Dublin [D]
9 The Kilkenny Lads [D]

Analytical Banjo Method - Frank B Converse (1887)

10 Cruiskeen Laun (full pitcher of whiskey) [C]
11 Irish Jig No1 [C]
12 Irish Jig No2 [C]
13 Savourneen Deelish (faithful sweet heart) [C]

The Banjoist's Budget - Albert Baur (1883)

14 Muldoon Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
15 McCormick Party Reel [D]
16 Good Enough Irish Reel [D]
17 Mary McCarty Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
18 Keep It Up Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
19 Rooney's Favorite Irish Reel [D]
20 McGinley's Reel [D]
21 The Wind Up Irish Reel [4th-string not used]

Buckley's Banjo Guide - James Buckley (1868)

22 Pat Malloy's Jig [D]
23 Sheridan's Hornpipe [C]

Dobson's Universal Banjo Instructor - HC and GC Dobson (1882)

24 Irish Jig 1 [D]
25 Irish Jig 2 [D]
26 Irish Reel [D]
27 Connaught Man's Rambles [D]

Pretty Good For A Girl: Women In Bluegrass

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Pretty Good For A Girl: Women In Bluegrass - The first book devoted entirely to women in bluegrass, Pretty Good for a Girl documents the lives of more than seventy women whose vibrant contributions to the development of bluegrass have been, for the most part, overlooked.

Accessibly written and organized by decade, the book begins with Sally Ann Forrester, who played accordion and sang with Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys from 1943 to 1946, and continues into the present with artists such as Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, and the Dixie Chicks. Drawing from extensive interviews, well-known banjoist Murphy Hicks Henry gives voice to women performers and innovators throughout bluegrass's history, including such pioneers as Bessie Lee Mauldin, Wilma Lee Cooper, and Roni and Donna Stoneman; family bands including the Lewises, Whites, and McLains; and later pathbreaking performers such as the Buffalo Gals and other all-girl bands, Laurie Lewis, Lynn Morris, Missy Raines, and many others.

Here is the blog that Murphy wrote about the book.

Price includes shipping within the US. (Book shipped via Media Mail.)

We would love to ship Murphy's Book to our Canadian customers, but additional shipping costs ($15.00) make website ordering complicated. Canadian customers please CALL US at the number that appears on our web site to order.

We are sorry that we can no longer ship books overseas due to the extremely high cost. Please order from Amazon right here_ https://bit.ly/2f7ghnM

All copies purchased from us will be autographed. If you would like it personalized, please put that in the "Comments" box at checkout. Scroll down for reviews.



Grandpa Jones 5-String Banjo

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Learn from the best. Grandpa Jones was a country music legend and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He was very well known and respected for his own style of clawhammer banjo. The instructions are helpful for the beginner, with tips on caring for your banjo to keep it sounding its best. The text covers tunings, chord diagrams, and the right hand rhythm patterns that made Grandpa Jones famous with the 5-string banjo.For the intermediate musician, there are alternate tunings, drop thumb rhythm, and exercises for practicing your new skills. Included are several favorite songs, along with lyrics and chords for your accompanist.The preface of the book, written by Grandpa Jones, along with the collection of personal photographs, makes this an excellent keepsake as well. This is simply a must for your music library.

Book $14.99
eBook $9.99

Fingerboard and Diagram Explanations
Helpful Suggestions
Notes on Picking the 5-String Banjo
Hand Positions
How to Tune the Banjo by Ear
Chords Used in the Key of A
Keeping Good Time and Exercises for Picking
Bile Dem Cabbage Down
How to Tune the Banjo by Ear (D Tuning)
Chords Used in the Key of D
Ring De Banjo (D Tuning)
How to Tune the Banjo by Ear (G or C Tuning)
Chords Used in the Key of G
Golden Slippers (G and C Tuning)
Chords Used in the Key of C
Oh! Susanna (G and C Tuning)
Transposing Chart
Old Joe Clark (Solo) A Tuning
Pretty Little Pink (A Tuning)
Darby's Ram (D Tuning)
Camptown Races (D Tuning)
Crawdad Song (G and C Tuning)
Mark Jones

High Breaks And Backup

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High Breaks and Backup: Bored with playing on just the first five frets? Looking for something more lively? Head up the neck to learn these high breaks to five singing songs. We also show you how to add a cool (and different) backup lick to each song. And as a bonus, we throw in a boogie-woogie vamp pattern. No Tab.

(This DVD works best if you’ve been through the Misfits DVD. Helps a lot, too, if you know "Lonesome Road Blues" and the high break to "Foggy Mountain Breakdown." Again, just a suggestion!)

Two-Dollar Bill, Mountain Dew, Worried Man, Do Lord, I Saw the Light. (1 hour, 50 minutes)

DVD or Download

Tenor Banjo Chord Encyclopedia

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A very comprehensive collection of chord forms in every key for tenor banjo. The most thorough tenor banjo chord book available.

Book & eBook $14.99

Kickstart Your Jamming

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Kickstart Your Jamming! - Learn the secret of improvising! Use simple rolls to create breaks to songs on the spot. Then upgrade those basic rolls with Scruggs licks.

Carefully crafted by Murphy Henry using real students in real jams. For the first time beginners can fully participate in jams.

"I wanted to jam so bad but only knew three songs. Now I can play a break on almost every singing song." Tim, a real student.

A new concept in jamming from The Murphy Method where we always teach by ear.

Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Do Lord, Worried Gal, Somebody Touched Me, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, I’ll Fly Away, Foggy Mountain Top, Two-Dollar Bill, Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Lonesome Road Blues, John Hardy (2 hours, 2 minutes)

DVD or Download



New Beginning Banjo 1 (High Definition)

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NEW Beginning Banjo 1 (High Definition): Start playing right away! Easy songs, clear explanations. Covers all the basics. Songs build on each other. Lays a solid foundation for moving on to harder songs. Includes chords, ending licks, and beginning improvisation. Designed to have you playing with friends as fast as possible.

Banjo in The Hollow, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, Blue Ridge Cabin Home

DVD or Download. No Tab!



Clawhammer Banjo From Scratch (2-DVD Set)

Photo for Ad 113592

An instructional video that starts from the beginning! Clawhammer From Scratch begins as though you really have NO knowledge of how to play the five string banjo clawhammer style. Beginning at the beginning, Dan presents a brief history of the 5-string banjo then goes over the parts of the banjo, holding the banjo, right and left hand styles and his basic clawhammer strum. Even the strum is broken down into the steps of the finger and thumb. Based on Dan's innovative Meet the Banjo(TM) program where Dan brings 15 banjos and teaches players who may have never held a banjo, this video assumes no prior experience. Using one tune, Spotted Pony, you are guided through the chords, the scale and then the individual notes of the tune. This video ends with a few tips and frequently asked questions and even a chance for YOU to play with the fiddle and guitar just like in a private jam session. If you have been looking for that one instructional recording to get you started, this is the one for you. If you already have many books or videos but still can't seem to get the basics, this is the one for you, too! A 2-page pamphlet is included.

Picking up where Volume 1 left off, in Volume 2 you will learn to capo up to D tuning, review the basics of the Double Thumb Pony, then head off into the banjo world by learning to drop thumb, hammer-on, pull-off, and slide your way into the Full Blown Pony. Just as in Volume 1, you are guided through the chords, the scale, and then the individual notes of the tune as well as each of the techniques that make Old Time Southern Appalachian clawhammer banjo music as exciting as you have heard. Each technique is taught, then applied to the tune and repeated in easily learnable segments. This video even gives you a chance to play banjo with the fiddle and guitar just like in a real jam session. Booklet included.


Slow Jam With Murphy And Casey

Photo for Ad 113513

Slow Jam With Murphy and Casey You've got a few tunes under your belt and now you want to play with other people. Only there's no one around. The answer? Jam with Murphy and Casey! Swap solos with us as we play 17 songs at really slow speeds and leave a space for you to play along while we chord. All songs include banjo, guitar and mandolin or fiddle. Guitar chords are shown in a small box on screen. For all instruments. Two hours of jamming joy!

Cripple Creek, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Banjo in the Hollow, Do Lord, Cumberland Gap, Worried Gal, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, John Hardy, Two Dollar Bill, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Foggy Mountain Top, Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Lonesome Road Blues and Old Joe Clark. (2 hours)

DVD or Digital Download



Trap Door Back Needed For Gibson Mandolin Banjo

No image has been uploaded

Owner: Upload photo

I have an old Gibson Mandolin Banjo (or Banjo Mandolin) pretty beat up shape but I'm trying to restore it.

The wood on the back of the trap door resonator has delaminated and it is not realistically fixable, according to one of the most highly regarded repair guys in the Chicago area. He suggested just finding another back. I thought that would be impossible but he said there are some out there. So, if anyone out there knows anything about how to find one, please contact me.

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Category: Banjo Accessories
Ad Number 113448
Posted: Jul 23, 2017 07:57 AM CDT

Ad Owner
Alan Spector
6321 Moraine Avenue
Hammond Indiana 46324
Phone: 2197418101

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Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1

Photo for Ad 113398

Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1: Sometimes playing the banjo bluegrass style just doesn’t do it for you. Or perhaps you just want to investigate this thing called “clawhammer.” (Also called “old-time” or “frailing” banjo.) Nowhere will you find a better guide and teacher than the multi-award-winning Lynn Morris. Lynn has flat-out taken the mystery out clawhammer playing! She has broken this pre-bluegrass style into small segments so that you can learn it easily. Using the frailing strum, Lynn takes you through 5 songs in note-by-note detail. Introduces double C tuning. No Tab.

You Are My Sunshine, Cripple Creek, Arkansas Traveler, Soldier's Joy, Cluck Old Hen. (90 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download

Bach's Cello Suites I-III Arranged For Tenor Banjo

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Bach's cello suites are among the most famous solo instrumental works of all time. The cello and the tenor banjo share the same tuning, and banjo players might be surprised at how well this great music fits on the fretboard. Rob MacKillop has provided tablature for the first three suites. Here is a chance for tenor banjo players to explore Bach on their instrument, which could be tuned to either regular, CGDA, or Irish tuning, GDAE. Includes online accompanying audio using three different tenor banjos: a regular tenor (Deeringr Eagle II), a gourd tenor (Jaybirdr Banjos), and a cello banjo (Gold Toner) which has the same low pitch as the cello.

A `suite' is a collection of dances of varying speeds and time signatures, conceived to be performed as a whole, and preceded by a prelude. Bach's Prelude to the 1st Suite is magnificent and justly famous. The Bourree from the 3rd Suite is also very popular. Enjoy playing Bach on the Tenor Banjo!

Book + Online Audio $19.99

Suite Number I
Minuet I
Minuet II
Suite Number II
Minuet I
Minuet II
Suite Number III
Bourrée I
Bourrée II
Author Information

Ned Luberecki: Start With The Melody - Easy Solos

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Ned Luberecki: Start With The Melody - Easy Solos for Five-String Banjo - The Murphy Method welcomes Ned Luberecki to our roster of teachers. Ned has toured nationally and internationally with bands like Chris Jones and the Nightdrivers, the Rarely Herd, and Paul Adkins and the Borderline Band, and he's been teaching for over 25 years. We are proud to present his first ever banjo instructional DVD. Ned teaches six well-known songs, by ear, and then shows you how to add some fill-in notes, and rolls, and a couple licks, to create bluegrass-style banjo breaks. No Tab!

Yankee Doodle, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Red River Valley, I'll Fly Away, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Camptown Races

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Old-Time Favorites For Clawhammer Banjo

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This book and accompanying audio include popular and lesser-known old-time tunes for the clawhammer banjo. This book is a followup to Dan Levenson's Old-Time Festival Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo (MB20313M ) and includes 62 more tunes of varying difficulty. Old favorites as well as new additions are presented, including many time-tested standards. The material is presented in standard notation and basic/advanced tablature. Suggested chords are also included to help you along the way. Fiddle players will enjoy the companion to this book, Old-Time Favorites for Fiddle and Mandolin (MB30225BCD), which shares the same basic standard notation. Includes access to online audio.

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About the CDs
About the Tunes
About Written Music
Reading the Tablature
A Final Note of Encouragement
And the Cat Came Back
Angelina Baker
Arkansas Traveler
Bitter Creek
Black Hills Waltz
Bob Tailed Mule
Bonapart’s Retreat - Wm. H. Stepp version
Booth Shot Lincoln
Briar Picker Brown
Cluck Old Hen
Cold Frosty Morning - modal - Henry Reed; Mel
Durham version
Cold Frosty Morning - major - Melvin Wine
The Cuckoo
Cumberland Gap
Doctor Doctor
Duck River
Ducks on the Millpond
(Mr.) Fishar’s Hornpipe - 3 part version
Folding Down the Sheets
Forked Deer
Great Big Taters in A Sandy Land
Grey Eagle
Johnson Boys
Katy Hill
Little Dutch Girl
The Merry Blacksmith
Mississippi Sawyer
(Wooliver’s) Money Musk
Old Belle Cow
Opera Reel
Over the Waterfall
Polly Put the Kettle On
Push the Pig’s Foot a Little Further Into the
The Rattlesnake
Rock the Cradle Joe
Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes
Salt Creek - aka Salt River
Salty River Reel
Shady Grove - modal version
(Doc Robert’s) Shortnin’ Bread
Soldier’s Joy
Spotted Pony
Step Around Johnny
Sugar Hill
Three Thin Dimes
Three Way Hornpipe
Waiting For the Federals - aka Seneca Square
Walk Along John to Kansas
Walking in the Parlor
West Fork Gals
(There is a) Wild Hog in the Woods
Wild Horses at Stony Point
Wooden Nickel
The Year of Jubilo - aka Lincoln’s Gunboats
Yellow Barber
Y. Z. Hamilton’s Special Breakdown
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Power Pickin' Vol. 3: Playing Banjo Backup In Bluegrass

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Bill Evans demonstrates effective banjo backup for 7 standard tunes, showing the techniques in detail, and also playing them with a band. A variety of keys, styles and tempos are demonstrated in this 2 hour DVD with examples of roll based backup, vamping and two finger techniques. Both up and down the neck backup are shown and a tab booklet is included.

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Banjo Backup For Fiddle Tunes

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Banjo Backup for Fiddle Tunes: Playing backup to a fiddle is one of the “funnest” things a banjo player can do! No pressure - you just hang around in the background doing simple roll patterns. But what rolls do you use? Casey and Murphy tell you (and show you) all about it in this brand new DVD. Did you know you could back up "Sally Goodwin" with just two licks? Sure you can! Of course, you can make it harder and they show you that, too. With these newly acquired skills--plus a few other licks--you are ready to back up "Turkey in the Straw", "Old Joe Clark", and "Leather Britches".

Fiddle champ Megan Lynch plays the fiddle parts and is now the Queen of Playing the Fiddle Slowly! She also joins Casey and Murphy for some up-tempo playing as they demonstrate the skills taught here on a variety of tunes including "Cherokee Shuffle" and "Sugar in the Gourd". Bonus footage includes Murphy and the Fabulous Fletcher Bright ripping through some amazing banjo and fiddle tunes as only two seasoned performers (and close friends) can. As always, everything is explained note-by-note and played v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. No guesswork! No Tab.

Sally Goodwin, Turkey in the Straw, Old Joe Clark, Leather Britches, and more, including bonus footage with Fletcher Bright. (99-minutes)

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Banjo Chords

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This handy book shows all of the basic banjo chords in photo and diagram form. The front of the book contains a section of bluegrass G-tuning chords, and the remainder contains C-tuning.

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