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Fast Jam With Murphy And Casey

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Fast Jam with Murphy and Casey: If our Slow Jam DVDs are too slow, you are ready to take on the Fast Jam! Murphy and Casey gather once more with Malia Furtado on fiddle and for the first time with Steve Spence on bass to pick twenty-one songs that will test your speed and hone your jamming ability.

As always the tunes are played through several times and we leave a spot where we just play rhythm so that you can try out your break.

For all instruments.

John Hardy, Lonesome Road Blues, Mama Don’t Allow, Little Maggie, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, Salt Creek, Sally Goodwin, Uncloudy Day, Bill Cheatam, Cripple Creek, Whisky Before Breakfast, East Virginia Blues, Blackberry Blossom, I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes, Turkey in the Straw, The Crawdad Song, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Slewfoot, In the Pines, Hazel Creek, Old Spinning Wheel (90 minutes)

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Beyond The Waterfall - Extraordinary Tunes For Fiddle/Banjo

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You've played "Over the Waterfall," marched along to "Soldier's Joy" and perhaps even found your fortune while trotting along on that "Old Spotted Pony." Now it's time to take the next step; beyond the waterfall to the land of lesser-played tunes.

Inside this volume are 40 challenging, unusual, interesting and dare I say- extraordinary tunes. As it includes standard notation, clawhammer banjo tablature, suggested chords and fiddle bow markings, this book is truly suitable for anyone. A number of old-time songs also include lyrics, so you can sing these great songs in the old-time style.

Most of the tunes include notes about their history and recording references are provided if you wish to hear how they were played and sung "way back when". I encourage you to take the time to do that. It may jump start your stalled old-time music collection or as some folks say, "start you a new one".

Book $19.99
eBook $17.99

About the Title and Tune Selection; Listen, Listen,Listen
About the Format
About Written Music
Reading the Tablature
A Final Note of Encouragement
Ask That Pretty Girl to Be My Wife
Been All Around This World
Been to the East, Been to the West
Blackjack Grove
Blue-Eyed Susan
Chinquapin Hunting
Dusty Miller
Flying Clouds
Flying Indian
Free Little Bird
Froggy Went A’ Courting
Get Off Your Money
Glory Medley
Goodbye My Little Darling
Greasy Coat
Happy Hollow
High Yellow
Indian Corn
John Hardy
Johnny Walk Along With Your Paper Collar On
Leaving Home (aka Frankie and Johnny)
McMichen’s Reel (aka Hog Trough Reel)
Milwaukee Blues
Old Bell Cow
Old Melinda
Red Bird
Red Fox Waltz
Reuben’s Train
Rocky Mountain Goat
Sail Away Ladies
Shady Grove (in A major)
(John) Sharp’s Hornpipe
Tippin’ Back the Corn
Trot Along My Honey
Woodchopper’s Reel
Final Thoughts
Over the Waterfall
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Tim Weed - Milagros

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MILAGROS is a collection of classical compositions written for the 5-string banjo. This entirely original music is performed masterfully, with baroque, romantic, chromatic, modern, Spanish, and exotic influences and exploits the unique capabilities and stretches the boundaries of the instrument. At once contemporary and classic, this music is bursting with fresh melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ideas.

The audiophile recording magically captures the rich, warm tone and takes you on an emotional journey into the private world of this 5-string banjo virtuoso.

"Milagros is a fascinating, wonderful CD, we love it!" - Bob Boilen, NPR

Total Time: 51:20

Morro Glen
Hymn To Gila
Granada Vox
Lonesome Shack
Concerto In E Flat
Colloquium: Dark & Light

Tim Weed - Banjo & Sevan (On Haiku)

Tony Trischka Master Collection Of Fiddle Tunes For Banjo

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A comprehensive repertoire book of fiddle tunes adapted for banjo, in easy to read tablature, by the renowned player and teacher of the 5-String Banjo, Tony Trischka. For the early picker to the advanced player, this book and its online audio will enable the player to learn by example and broaden their technical range.

Fiddle tunes have been adapted for Banjo since the early 1850's. The explorations contained here include a large collection of popular American fiddle tunes and a section of Celtic tunes played in the three major Bluegrass Banjo styles. These Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic banjo traditions will expand the players' knowledge of the instrument, and deepen their understanding of bluegrass and traditional music.

The techniques employed will build the players technical prowess and broaden their enjoyment of playing. And the tunes, both popular and lesser known, will add new variety to the next jam session! Tablature only.

Repertoire of fiddle tunes for the early to the advanced banjo player.
In easy to read tablature with downloadable online audio
Expands the players' knowledge of Bluegrass banjo styles and banjo music.
Builds playing skills and adds variety to their playing. Includes access to online audio.


Angeline the Baker (2 versions)
Arkansas Traveler
Banish Misfortune
Big John McNeill
Big Mon
Big Ryed Rabbit
Big Sciota
Big Scioty
Bill Cheathem
Bill Cheathem
Billy in the Lowground
Black Mountain Rag
Blackberry Blossom
Blow the Wind Westerly
Bonaparte's Retreat
Booth Shot Lincoln
Boston Boy
Cattle in the Cane
Cherokee Shuffle
Chicken Reel
Cluck Old Hen
Coal Holler
Cold Frosty Morning
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cotton Patch
Cripple Creek
Cuckoo's Nest
Cumberland Gap
Darby the Driver
Delahunty's Hornpipe
Devil's Dream
Doggy on the Carpet
Done Gone
Drowsy Maggie
Ducks in the Pond
Dusty Miller
East Tennessee Blues
Eighth of January
Elzic's Farewell
Fiddler's Hoedown
Fine Times at Our House
Fire on the Mountain
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fisher's Hornpipe (D)
Fisher's Hornpipe (F)
Flop Eared Mule
Flop Eared Mule
Flowers of Edinburgh
Forked Deer
Garfield's Blackberry Blossom
Garry Owen
Get Up John
Grey Eagle
Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman
Huckleberry Hornpipe
I'll be Sixteen Next Sunday
Irish Washerwoman
Jeff Davis
Jenny Comb Your Hair
Jerusalem Ridge
June Apple
Katy Hill
Katy Hill
Kitchen Girl
Lady Hamilton
Leather Britches
Little Sadie
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
McMichen's Hornpipe
Miss McLeod's Reel
Miss Monroe's Jig
Mississippi Sawyer
Money Musk
Muddy Roads
Napoleon Crossing the Rhine
Northumberland Bagpipe
O'Fenlon's Hornpipe
Old Bunch of Keys
Old Dangerfield
Old Joe Clark (3 versions)
Over the Waterfall
Paddy Kelly's Jig
Paddy on the Turnpike
Pigtown Fling
Poplar Bluff
Puncheon Floor
Ragtime Annie
Red Haired Boy
Red Haired Lass
Rice Straw
Rickett's Hornpipe
Rights of Man
Rye Straw
Sail Away Ladies
Sally Ann
Sally Goodin (four versions)
Sally Johnson
Salt River
Shortnin' Bread
Snowflake Reel
Soldier's Joy (2 versions)
Sourwood Mountain
St. Anne's Reel
Stone's Rag
Temperance Reel
Texas (New Castle)
Texas Gales
The Blackbird
The Blarney Pilgrim
The Girl I Left Behind
The Route
The Youngest Daughter
Turkey in the Straw
Washington's March
Wheel Hoss
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Wild Rose of the Mountain

Frailing The 5-String Banjo - eBook+Online Audio

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This is a book for genuine banjo lovers. Full of beautiful photos and hand-sketched tabs, this highly acclaimed text presents a systematic method for playing the unique "frailing" banjo style. "Old-time mountain banjo" is taught with clarity and expertise. In tablature only. The online audio available for download is in split-track format, allowing the student to play along with the old-time string band or the frailing banjo parts. It also includes Eric Muller's concise teaching.


Great Banjo Tunes

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Great Banjo Tunes (formerly titled Advanced Banjo): We've spoken of banjo greats Earl Scruggs and Ralph Stanley (if you are reading these blurbs in order), but we have yet to mention the magnificent work of Don Reno. Don played in a jazzy, often single-string, style that is hard to duplicate. We do the best we can with his versions of “Limehouse Blues” and “Dixie Breakdown,” two light-hearted, fun-filled pieces that include some tricky left-hand fingering. (Be prepared to stretch!) (Note: The DVD opens with an awesome twin-banjo version of “Dixie Breakdown” by Murphy and Casey. We say with all modesty.)

Then, from the Father of Bluegrass himself, Bill Monroe, come mandolin tunes “Goldrush” and “Shenandoah Breakdown.” Both include some not-too-difficult melodic licks, as does the traditional fiddle tune “Bill Cheatum.” Last, and perhaps hardest, “Kansas City Railroad Blues” (in the key of C), features Casey teaching a tune for the first time at age 17.

You’ll have your work cut out for you with these tunes, but when the work’s all done, you’ll have made a quantum leap in your playing. No Tab.

Goldrush, Bill Cheatum, Shenandoah Breakdown, Limehouse Blues, Dixie Breakdown, and Kansas City Railroad Blues (2 hours, 15 minutes)

DVD or Download

Vamping - Beginning Banjo Backup

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Vamping - Beginning Banjo Backup: Vamping? "And just what is vamping?" you ask. Good question! When you vamp on the banjo you play four-finger chords to accompany someone who is singing or playing a solo. Vamping is a must for playing with other people. On this DVD we show you how to make the vamp chords (G, C, D, F, Em) and how to use them to play along with all the tunes on Beginning Banjo Vol. 1 and 2. Vamping brings you one step closer to improvising and is the foundation for the fancy backup you hear on recordings. Plenty of slow playing so you can play along. Use this DVD after you have learned 4 or 5 songs. No Tab.

Intro to Vamping, backup to Cripple Creek, Banjo In The Hollow, Cumberland Gap, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, John Hardy, Old Joe Clark, Lonesome Road Blues, and Fireball Mail (1 hour 55 minutes)

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Clawhammer Banjo Tunes, Tips & Jamming (Book/CD Set)

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Wayne's newest clawhammer book has something for everyone: beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Includes tabs and lyrics to 40 old-time banjo tunes, plus tips on learning tunes on the fly, how to jam, the art of faking it, and improvising.

You WILL learn to play: Barlow Knife, Big-Eyed Rabbit, Black-Eyed Susie, Blackest Crow, Boll Weevil, Chilly Winds, Cumberland Gap, Dance All Night, Danville Girl, East Virginia, Fall on My Knees, Free Little Bird, Georgia Railroad, Greasy Coat, Gum Tree Canoe, Hangman's Reel, Hang Me, I've Endured, Lazy John, Leather Britches, Let Me Fall, Log Cabin Blues, Lonesome John, Mole in the Ground, Needlecase, Oh My Little Darling, Old Plank Road, Puncheon Floor, Rabbit in a Log, Raleigh & Spencer, Rock That Cradle Lucy, Rock That Cradle Joe, Sandy Boys, Sad-Eyed Sadie, Senica Square Dance, Shady Grove, Shortenin' Bread, Soldier's Joy, Stay All Night, Sugar in the Gourd, Tater Patch, Texas Gals, Warfare, Whiskey Before Breakfast.

Includes an instruction MP3 CD.

Book/CD Set
PRICE: $24.95

Amazing Grace - Gospel Favorites For Banjo

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Amazing Grace - Gospel Favorites for Banjo: You don't have to be raised religious to enjoy bluegrass gospel music. (But it does help with the words!) Whether you’re playing in a gospel group or just jamming, these songs are sure to surface. And who says you can’t play slow songs on the banjo? The favorite “Amazing Grace” offers a whole new approach to playing “pretty” on the banjo. You’ll enjoy learning this delightful, up-the-neck break. We suggest using this DVD after Beginning Banjo Vol. 1 and 2. (But it’s just a suggestion!) No Tab.

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, I'll Fly Away, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, and Amazing Grace. (1 hour 45 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download


Soldier's Joy And Other Banjo Favorites

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Soldier's Joy and Other Banjo Favorites (Formerly titled Playing In C, Volume 2): Okay, now that you can play in C--without a capo--let's learn how to drop that fourth string down to a C note to add a bassy sound to your playing. (And give you more note choices.) “Home Sweet Home” and “Farewell Blues” both rely on this extra-low note. Also, fiddle and mandolin players love the key of D. If you want to jam with them you’ll have to meet them on their own turf. “Soldier’s Joy” and “Liberty” are two of their favorites. Learn them in C (with that essential low note) then slap on the capo at the second fret to play in D. No longer will there be any reason to leave the jam session just because the fiddlers arrive! No Tab.

Soldier's Joy, Liberty, Home Sweet Home, Farewell Blues, and Old Spinning Wheel. (2 hours)

DVD or Digital Download

Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup

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Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup: Ho-hum. Yawn. Bored with vamping? Wish there was something you could do to spice things up? There is! This DVD starts off with a couple of simple vamp decorations and then moves on to those fancy backup licks you hear on record. We don’t just teach you the licks, we show you how to put them into songs. All taught note-for-note. Backup will never be boring again! No tab.

Many backup licks and full backup patterns to: I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Titanic, and Will The Roses Bloom. (These backup licks also fit many other songs with the same chord patterns.) (2 hours, 30 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download



Old-Time Festival Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo

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This book and audio set is intended to be a tune repertoire book. It includes over 100 Old-Time festival favorites. Some are cliche, others unusual, some easy, some difficult. The book contains 2 lines of tablature (one basic and one advanced) as well as standard notation and suggested chords. The basic version should be playable by those with general clawhammer skills. The advanced version will require more time and finesse as it is more ornamental (often more than just melodic) and may include less than intuitive ways of playing some passages. Includes access to online banjo and fiddle audio.



(Mr.) Fischar's Hornpipe
Banjo Tramp
Big John McNeal
Big Scioto
Bill Cheatem
Billy in the Lowground
Black Eyed susie
Black Eyed Suzie-anna
Blackberry Blossom
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Bonaparte's Retreat - 1
Bonaparte's Retreat - 2
Breakin' Up Christmas
Broken Down Gambler
Buffalo Gals - common melody in G
Buffalo Gals - in A
Bull at the Wagon
Camp Chase
Candy Girl
Cherokee Shuffle - aka Lost Indian
Chinese Breakdown
Colored Aristocracy
Cotton Eyed Joe
Crow Creek
Cuckoo's Nest
Dan Levenson products available
Dry and Dusty
Durang's Hornpipe - festival version
Durang's Hornpipe - old fiddlers' version
Ed Haley's Lost Indian
Flop Eared Mule
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss aka Suzanna Gal; Western Country
Flying Indian
Georgia Railroad
Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine
Green Willis - aka The Raw Recruit
Half Past Four
Hangman's Reel - in A
Hangman's Reel - in C
Hollow Poplar
Icy Mountain
Indian Eat the Woodchuck
Jeff Sturgeon
Jenny Git Around
Jimmy in the Swamp
John Brown's Dream
John Brown's March
John Henry
John Lover's Gone
John Stenson's #2
Johnny Cope
Johnny Don't Get Drunk
Joke on the Puppy - aka Rye Straw
Julianne Johnson
Jump in the Well My Pretty Little Miss
Jump Jim Crow
June Apple
Kansas City Reel
Kitchen Girl
Leather Britches
Little Billie Wilson
Little Rabbit
Liza Poor Gal
Logan County Blues
Lost Indian - 1 - straight major version
Lost Indian - 2 - crooked modal version
Lost Indian - 3 - in D - crooked
Martha Campbell
Mole in the Ground - aka Tempy
Monkey on a Dogcart
Muddy Roads
New Five Cents
Nixon's Farewell
North Carolina Breakdown
Old Bunch of Keys
Old Joe Clark - 1 - major
Old Joe Clark - 2 - modal
Old Mother Flanagan
Pike's Peak - aka "Rat Cheese" or Natches Under the Hill
Possum in a Well
Possum on a Rail
Quince Dillon's HIgh D
Rachael - aka Texas Quickstep
Ragtime Annie
Railroading Across the Rocky Mountains aka Marmaduke's Hornpipe
Red Haired Boy
Reuben's Train
Rochester Schottische
Rocky Pallet
Rush and the Pepper
Saint Anne's Reel
Sally Anne Johnson
Sandy Boys - Burl hammons' version
Sandy Boys - Edden Hammon's version
Sandy River Belle
Sarah Armstrong's Tune - aka Old Reel
Shuffle About
Smith's Reel
Staten Island Hornpipe
Sugar in the Gourd
Texas Gals
Tom and Jerry
Too Young to Marry - aka - Sweet Sixteen; aka - My Love is But a Lass
Wake Up Susan
Walking In MY Sleep
Washington's March
Ways of the World
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Whistling Rufus
Yellow Rose of Texas

New Beginning Banjo 2 (High Definition)

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NEW Beginning Banjo 2 (High Definition): Still keeping it easy. Familiar songs make it fun. Lots of exciting new licks. Plenty of familiar licks. More easy improv. We’re already teaching you to jam. Chords, ending licks. Some of the most important banjo licks ever are taught here. Don’t skip this one!

Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I Saw the Light, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Do Lord, John Hardy.

DVD or Download. No Tab!



Amazing Grace - Gospel Favorites For Banjo

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Amazing Grace - Gospel Favorites for Banjo: You don't have to be raised religious to enjoy bluegrass gospel music. (But it does help with the words!) Whether you’re playing in a gospel group or just jamming, these songs are sure to surface. And who says you can’t play slow songs on the banjo? The favorite “Amazing Grace” offers a whole new approach to playing “pretty” on the banjo. You’ll enjoy learning this delightful, up-the-neck break. We suggest using this DVD after Beginning Banjo Vol. 1 and 2. (But it’s just a suggestion!) No Tab.

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, I'll Fly Away, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, and Amazing Grace. (1 hour 45 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download

Splitting The Licks

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Leads the banjo player step-by-step through working out songs for the five-string banjo from basic melodies in both Scruggs/bluegrass style and melodic/chromatic style. Each section contains exercises and examples for improvising. Furthermore, this book teaches how to arrange music based on concepts of combining rolls and licks. Janet Davis' books are praised because they teach so well! This is one of her finest. In tablature. Includes access to extended play audio and video downloads online.

eBook + Online Audio/Video $19.99
Book + Online Audio/Video $24.99

Banjo Joe
Bill Cheatham
Blackberry Blossom
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Cripple Creek
Cumberland Gap
Devil's Dream
Fire On The Mountain
Goin' Down That Road Fellin' Bad (Aka Lonesome Roa
Grandfather's Clock
Hamilton County Breakdown
Jesse James
John Hardy
Nine Pound Hammer
Old Joe Clark
Red Haired Boy
Red River Valley
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Sailor's Hornpipe
Salt River
The Eighth Of January
Train 45
Turkey In The Straw
Under The Double Eagle
Wabash Cannonball
Walking Cane
Whoa Mule
Wildwood Flower
Worried Man Blues

Jam Session Standards

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Jam Session Standards: Not a beginner but want to check out learning by ear? Start here! All songs explained note-by-note. Also great for Murphy Method students who have completed the Big Three (Beginning Banjo Vol. 1 and 2 and Misfits) and are ready to move on to something slightly harder. And finally, a way to answer all those requests for “Rocky Top”! These songs are considered bluegrass standards almost everywhere. No Tab.

Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Salty Dog, Mountain Dew, Dueling Banjos, Rocky Top.

DVD or Digital Download



Banjo And Chord Reference Wall Chart

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Full-size wall chart featuring chords and notes on the fretboard for banjo in G tuning. Major, minor, 7th, maj7, min7, 6, 9, augmented and diminished chords are shown. Chords are shown in a Circle of 5ths progression. Chord fingerings are color coded to show proper finger placement. By Janet Davis.


4 Nice Banjo Capos

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I have 4 nice banjo capo's......all in great shape......Im asking $80, and I will pay for shipping,,,,Thanks, Donnie

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Lower Price. 9 Instrument Stands

New Beginning Banjo DVDs From The Murphy Method

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Our New Beginning Banjo DVDs have been updated, expanded, and re-recorded in High Definition (HD)! We now offer three volumes of Beginning Banjo DVDs. Each song now includes the vamp chords and an ending lick. Taught by Murphy Henry with son Chris Henry on guitar. All songs are taught by ear and there is no tablature or written music.

The best possible way to learn to play the banjo!

Package Includes:
New Beginning Banjo 1 (Banjo in The Hollow, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, Blue Ridge Cabin Home)

New Beginning Banjo 2 (Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I Saw the Light, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Do Lord, John Hardy.)

New Beginning Banjo 3 (Foggy Mountain Breakdown (high break), Old Joe Clark, Lonesome Road Blues, Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Salt Creek.)

DVD or Download


Banjo Chord Encyclopedia

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This book presents an extremely comprehensive collection of 5-string and plectrum banjo chord forms for G and C tunings. Beginning with C and proceeding chromatically through B, every possible inversion of every chord, from basic triads to thirteenth chords are shown in easy to read diagrams. To aid in comprehension of chord construction, every chord is shown in root position in standard notation. A general review of hand positions, general technique, bridge adjustments, strings, and use of the capo is provided in the last few pages. Illustrated with pencil drawings, diagrams and photographs.

eBook $14.99
Book $19.99

Improvising: The First Stage

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Improvising: The First Stage: Alrighty now! You've been playing banjo for a couple of years, and you want to cross that scary bridge into improvising. You’ve learned your tunes by ear, you’ve learned your chords, and you are ready. Now what? How do you begin? Never fear! We will guide you! We will show you how to use licks you already know to play songs you don’t know. You apply these licks to the chord pattern of the song, and voila! You are playing the song. Each of these songs builds on the one before it. A tried and true method used successfully by many of our students. The songs and licks are easy, but don’t try to move too fast. You need time to digest the differences. No Tab.

Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Foggy Mountain Top, Your Love Is Like A Flower, Mama Don't Allow, On and On, Lonesome Road Blues (low break), and Roll On Buddy. (1 hour, 50 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download


Also available via download.

Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy And Mechanics Wall Chart

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Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy and Mechanics is a comprehensive visual map of the 5-string resonator banjo. The poster includes a large diagram of the instrument and detailed views of its components. Descriptions of all the major parts explain their functions. This poster is a great visual for anyone interested in the banjo.


Beginning Old Time Banjo DVD

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Evo Bluestein is a well-known teacher and performer on many folk instruments and has recorded a number of albums with the Bluestein Family and as a solo artist. Evo teaches you basic frailing (clawhammer), double thumbing, drop thumbing, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. Tunings included are open G, double C, G modal, using a capo for other keys.


Straight-Ahead Jazz For Banjo

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The world of melodic jazz banjo soloing is revealed in this comprehensive method which leads a student from basic intervals to advanced theoretical concepts and finally to a firm foundation in jazz fundamentals. Included are over 90 exercises and examples written in both tablature fingerings and standard music notation which show how scales and arpeggios are used and how they apply to real playing situations. Every five-string banjoist can benefit from the information contained in this breakthrough volume whether they aspire to jazz or just want to find out more about the possibilities and structure of the banjo. Includes access to online audio.

Starting with basic intervals, "Straight-Ahead Jazz for Banjo" shows the structure of all basic chord types and qualities and matches these to the scales that generate them. The book's basic concept model is to treat the five-string banjo's potential in an inclusive technical context so that the student can make use of open and fifth strings to create a smooth legato style. Each of the 90+ exercises are recorded with a metronome and progress to 16 additional examples of original jazz phrases in a variety of keys. Topics include functional major and minor key harmony, diminished and augmented scales and how they are used, and the integration of altered scale substitutes in the art of jazz improvisation. It stresses listening and learning in a logical structured manner with an example of a daily practice plan. The unique emphasis of the book is on the fingerings which make the instrument work for you technically and thus open up added possibilities for the development of a student's personal style. This long-awaited volume will surely bring new focus and perspective to any banjo style and will be a classic reference for many new generations of banjoists. Includes access to online audio.

eBook+Online Audio $19.99
Book + Online Audio $24.99


Intervals to Triads
Suggested Daily Practice Routine
Ten Day Practice Plan
Interval Studies
The Cycle
Root Cycle Study
Major Chord Cycle Study
Major Triad Cycle Study
Closed Position Major Scales
Major Scale Cycle Studies
Major Scale Arpa Studies
Scale Fragment Cycle Exercises
Major Key Harmony
Diatonic Triad Exercises
Diatonic Seventh Chords
Diatonic Mode Exercise
Scale Modes
Saturation Practice
Extended Harmony
Minor Key Harmony
Minor Scale Modes
The Melodic Minor Scales
Auxiliary Scales
Diminished Scale Exercises
The Whole-Tone Scale
Whole-Tone Scale Exercises
Diatonic Order to Natural Order
Natural Order Triplet Exercise
Natural Order Scale Exercise
Dominant Progression
Functional Harmony
Diatonic Chord Substitution
The IIm7-V7-IMaj. Progression
Movable Chord Forms
IIm7 Mode Practice
IIm7-V7-IMaj.7 Studies
Non-Scale Tones
Altered V7 Chord Resolutions
II-V-I Practice in Two Cycles
Jazz Phrases
Jazz Blues Study in G
Major Scale Fingerings
About the Author

Banjo Backup For Fiddle Tunes

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Banjo Backup for Fiddle Tunes: Playing backup to a fiddle is one of the "funnest" things a banjo player can do! No pressure, you just hang around in the background doing simple roll patterns. But what rolls do you use? Casey and Murphy tell you (and show you) all about it in this brand new DVD. Did you know you could back up "Sally Goodwin" with just two licks? Sure you can! Of course, you can make it harder and they show you that, too. With these newly acquired skills--plus a few other licks--you are ready to back up "Turkey in the Straw", "Old Joe Clark", and "Leather Britches".

Fiddle champ Megan Lynch plays the fiddle parts and is now the Queen of Playing the Fiddle Slowly! She also joins Casey and Murphy for some up-tempo playing as they demonstrate the skills taught here on a variety of tunes including "Cherokee Shuffle" and "Sugar in the Gourd". Bonus footage includes Murphy and the Fabulous Fletcher Bright ripping through some amazing banjo and fiddle tunes as only two seasoned performers (and close friends) can. As always, everything is explained note-by-note and played v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. No guesswork! No Tab.

Sally Goodwin, Turkey in the Straw, Old Joe Clark, Leather Britches, and more, including bonus footage with Fletcher Bright. (99-minutes)

DVD or Digital Download



Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1

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Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1: Sometimes playing the banjo bluegrass style just doesn’t do it for you. Or perhaps you just want to investigate this thing called “clawhammer.” (Also called “old-time” or “frailing” banjo.) Nowhere will you find a better guide and teacher than the multi-award-winning Lynn Morris. Lynn has flat-out taken the mystery out clawhammer playing! She has broken this pre-bluegrass style into small segments so that you can learn it easily. Using the frailing strum, Lynn takes you through 5 songs in note-by-note detail. Introduces double C tuning. No Tab.

You Are My Sunshine, Cripple Creek, Arkansas Traveler, Soldier's Joy, Cluck Old Hen. (90 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download


Rawhide And Other Blistering Banjo Favorite

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Rawhide and Other Blistering Banjo Favorites (featuring "Hazel Creek," the Murphy Method theme song): Show-off time! Once in a while there comes an occasion when you need to strut your banjo stuff, play as fast as you can, and wow all listeners. (Perhaps after a fiddler has just thrown down the guantlet with “Orange Blossom Special.”) That’s when you open up your bag of tricks and pull out one of these tunes.

“Rawhide” has long been known as a mandolin showpiece but it has a blistering banjo solo. (The bridge also introduces some funky new chord positions.) “Bluegrass Breakdown,” sister to “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” can also be cranked up to maximum velocity with good effect. The slightly calmer “Theme Time” leaves room for inventiveness or hitting it straight on, while “Hazel Creek,” the song you hear at the beginning of most of our banjo DVDs, starts off slow and then kicks into overdrive.

All of these tunes feature advanced up-the-neck playing, giving your hands and mind quite the workout. When you’re ready to astound or if you’re just feeling frisky, hammer down on one of these. No Tab.

Bluegrass Breakdown, Theme Time, Rawhide, and Hazel Creek. (2 hours)

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Banjo For Misfits

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Banjo for Misfits - Okay, so banjo playing is kicking your butt. It’s so hard. All the songs are so fast. And you’ve never heard any of them before. Now learn to play some songs you recognize. Songs that sound good slow. Songs your friends can sing along with. Designed especially for adults who are new to bluegrass. Start this one after the first two songs on Beginning Banjo Vol. 1. No Tab.

Most of the songs on this DVD are also taught on New Beginning Banjo 1 or New Beginning Banjo 2, so we have permanently discounted this disc and download to half price.

Boil Them Cabbage Down, I Saw the Light, Worried Man, Do Lord, and Two-Dollar Bill. (1 hour, 50 minutes)

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Clawhammer Banjo

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One of the world's top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5-string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing. Chapter themes include fundamentals; advanced and experimental techniques; arranging and backup; how to play reels, hornpipes, jigs and other fiddle tunes; how to approach such genres as ragtime, bluegrass, klezmer, blues, calypso, and a wide variety of "national" and regional music; alternative tunings; setup and accessories; and historical background. Features 120 tunes along with numerous exercises and musical examples in crystal clear tablature; Includes access to online audio featuring all tunes illustrated by author.


Angeline the Baker (Octave Up)
Arkansas Traveller
Banjo Breakdown
Bay of Fundy, The (With Backups)
Beaumont Rag
Black Hoe, The
Black Mill, The
Black Velvet Waltz
Buffalo Gals
Chicken Polka
Chorus Jig
Christmas Day In The Morning
Cooley's Reel
Country Waltz
Crooked Stovepipe
Crossing the Minch
Darlin' Nelly Grey
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Dill Pickle Rag
Dismissal, The
Don MacLean's Farewell To Oban
Dona Nobis Pacem
Ducks on the Pond
Dudanota (Hungarian Piping Tune)
Duke of Perth, The
Earl's Jig
Far From Home
Fiddlin' Phil
Fisher's Hornpipe (Minstrel Version)
Flowers of Edinburgh, The
Flying Cloud Cotillion
Foggy Clawhammer
Gemstone Reel
George V's Army
Grandfather's Clock
Green Meadow Reel
Harvest Home Hornpipe
Heather on the Hill
High Reel, The
Honeymoon Polka
Hull's Victory
Indian Nation
Indy's Favorite
Island Boy
Jamaica Farewell
Janet Beaton
Jay Bird
Jentland Tune
John Dan MacPherson Jig'
Judique Reel
Judy's Reel
Ladies On A Steamboat
Laird o'Drumblair, The
Lakes of Sligo
Larry O'Gaff Reel
Lass o' Gowrie
Last Chance
Leavin' Home
Leeds Hornpipe, The
Levantine's Barrel
Loons on the Pond
Lord MacDonald's Reel
MacNab's Hornpipe
Maid Behind the Bar, The
Maple Leaf Rag, The
Maple Sugar
Mariner, The
Marquis of Huntley Strathspey, The
Miss Johnson of Pittworth
Miss Lyall
Miss Susan Cooper
Mrs. McCloud's Reel
Niel Gow's Lament for His Second Wife
Nine Points of Roguery
Old Jim River
Old Joe Clark
Over The Briny Ocean
Over the Moor to Maggie
Over The Waterfall
Paddy Ryan's Dream
Phiddlin' Phil
Pigeon on the Gatepost
Pipe Major Christie of Wick
Plaza Polka
President Garfield's Hornpipe
Puncheon Camps
Quindaro Hornpipe, The
Rasputin's Last Ride
Reel du Cordonnier
Reuben's Train
Richmond Cotillion
Rickett's Hornpipe
Road to California
Road to Mexico
Rollin & Tumblin' Blues
Sailor's Wife, The
Sally Gardens
Sally's in the Garden Siftin' Sand
Sandy Boys
Scartaglen Polka
Schottische 'a Eric Montbel
Sean Ryan's Polka
Seneca Square Dance
Sheehan's Reel
Shenandoah Falls
Sid Baglole's Tune
Spanish Fandango
Spoodis Skeery
Tea Gardens Jig
Tina's Schottische
Turkey in the Straw
Twin Sisters, The
Two Pathways
Two Rivers
Upper Denton Hornpipe
Waitin' for the Federals
Westphalia Waltz
Whalen's Breakdown
White Cockade, The
Wolves Howling
Yew Pine Mountains

The Art Of The Mountain Banjo

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A complete survey of traditional banjo styles complete with tunings, playing tips, and the author's deft drawings. Progresses from easy tunes for the beginner to more difficult pieces. The styles include up-picking or Pete Seeger's basic strum; two-finger picking; three-finger picking; and what had variously been called frailing, clawhammer, knocking, rapping, overhand, fram-style, flayin' hand, and other Appalachian names, here called down-picking. Audio download available online.

eBook+Online Audio $14.99
Book + Online Audio $19.99


Black-Eyed Susie (1:27) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Buck Creek Girls {Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Charming Molly Brannigan {G Medley} (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Cottage In The Grove (1:13) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Country Blues (3:45) Dock Boggs
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (Medley) (On Cd) Arr. By: Oren Jenkins
Dry And Dusty (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Goin' 'Cross The Sea (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Got A Little Home To Go To (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Grey Eagle (Not On Cd) Pete Steele
Grub Springs (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Had A Little Fight In Mexico (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Jean Ritchie
Harlan County Farewell Tune {Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Hell On The Wabash {G Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
In The Pines (1:54) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
John Brown's Dream (1:12) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
John Henry (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Kicking Mule (2:51) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Liberty (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Little Birdie (1:49) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Make Me A Pallet (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Mississippi Sawyer {D Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Muskrat (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Old Joe Clark (2:06) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Old Molly Hare {D Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Old Ruben (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Rise When The Rooster Crows (2:18) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Rocky Island (1:15) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Sally Goodin (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Sandy River (1:24) Oscar Wright
Seneca Square Dance {G Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Smoky Mountain Cass Moore's Tune (Not On Cd) J.T. Adams
Soldier's Joy {D Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Spanish Fandango (Medley) (On Cd) Arr. By: Oren Jenkins
Stony Point {Medley} (On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Sweet Nora Lee (1:31) J.T. Adams
Teetotaler's Fancy {G Medley} (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Tennessee Line Hard Times (1:26) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Texas Rangers (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
The Arkansas Traveler (1:31) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
The Green Beds (3:12) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Turkey In The Straw (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum
Waterbound (Not On Cd) Arr. By: Art Rosenbaum