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Shubb C5B Capo (Flat)

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Title says it all. $10 shipped. Donation to cafe after sale.

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Posted: May 21, 2018 08:51 PM CDT

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Nulty Lynch

Olney MD 20832
United States

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Shubb Capos
Picks- Bluechip, Eml, Charmed Life, & Fender Tru-Shell

Banjo Chord Encyclopedia

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This book presents an extremely comprehensive collection of 5-string and plectrum banjo chord forms for G and C tunings. Beginning with C and proceeding chromatically through B, every possible inversion of every chord, from basic triads to thirteenth chords are shown in easy to read diagrams. To aid in comprehension of chord construction, every chord is shown in root position in standard notation. A general review of hand positions, general technique, bridge adjustments, strings, and use of the capo is provided in the last few pages. Illustrated with pencil drawings, diagrams and photographs.

eBook $14.99
Book $19.99

Banjo Strings From JustStrings.com

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A staple instrument in bluegrass, folk and country music, the banjo is a versatile stringed instrument that has evolved over the years into various forms. Whether it’s a 4-string, 5-string, 6-string or tenor banjo, the instrument originated in the American south during the 1800’s. We carry an extensive collection of banjo strings available in phosphor bronze, nickel or stainless steel. Manufactured by the most trusted names in banjo strings in the world, our banjo strings ensure your instrument produces the crisp, brilliant sound associated with the banjo. The tuning of the banjo differs depending on the type of instrument you have and the style of music you are playing. The most common in the United States today is the 5-string banjo, usually tuned G-D-G-B-D. The 4-string plectrum banjo is typically tuned in a C-G-B-D with a scale length of 26 to 28”. The 4-string tenor’s short scale length with 17 frets is most often tuned C-G-D-A. The 6-string banjo, sometimes referred to as a banjitar, is tuned in a standard guitar tuning. The type of banjo string you need for your ideal sound will depend on the brightness of your instrument. For example, stainless steel strings provide a brighter, more cutting tone than phosphor bronze strings, which are warmer sounding. JustStrings.com has just the banjo strings you are looking for at a great price and with our excellent customer service.

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Posted: May 18, 2018 10:00 AM CDT

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20 Mont Vernon Street
Milford NH 03055

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Bandolin Strings From JustStrings.com
Violin Strings From JustStrings.com
Electric Guitar Strings From JustStrings.com
Acoustic Guitar Strings From JustStrings.com
Mandola Strings From JustStrings.com
Mandolin Strings From JustStrings.com
Viola Strings From JustStrings.com
D'Addario Octave Mandolin Strings From JustStrings.com
Ukulele Strings From JustStrings.com
Mandobass Strings From JustStrings.com
Bouzouki Strings At JustStrings.com
Balalaika Strings At JustStrings.com
Fiddle Strings From JustStrings.com

Pretty Good For A Girl: Women In Bluegrass

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Pretty Good For A Girl: Women In Bluegrass - OUT OF STOCK - The first book devoted entirely to women in bluegrass, Pretty Good for a Girl documents the lives of more than seventy women whose vibrant contributions to the development of bluegrass have been, for the most part, overlooked.

Accessibly written and organized by decade, the book begins with Sally Ann Forrester, who played accordion and sang with Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys from 1943 to 1946, and continues into the present with artists such as Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, and the Dixie Chicks. Drawing from extensive interviews, well-known banjoist Murphy Hicks Henry gives voice to women performers and innovators throughout bluegrass's history, including such pioneers as Bessie Lee Mauldin, Wilma Lee Cooper, and Roni and Donna Stoneman; family bands including the Lewises, Whites, and McLains; and later pathbreaking performers such as the Buffalo Gals and other all-girl bands, Laurie Lewis, Lynn Morris, Missy Raines, and many others.

Thanks for your interest in Pretty Good for a Girl. We are happy for you to order it from Amazon or from your favorite bookseller. Amazon also offers it on Kindle. (We love Amazon, but can't compete with them price-wise!)

35% Off Nicola Brand Banjo Strings

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Introductory offer! Take 35% off your order using the promo code nicolapromo1.
Nicola Brand Strings are Hand Made and Hand Wound and are 100% Made In The USA! We have several Banjo models available both 5 String Phosphor Bronze Round Wound and Nickel sets and also 4 String Tenor Nickel Round Wound sets.

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Posted: May 17, 2018 11:14 AM CDT

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Chris Sfarzo

Belmont CA

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Nicola Brand Acoustic Guitar Strings 35% Off
Nicola Brand Mandolin Strings 35% Off Introductory Offer

Fiddle Tunes For Banjo Made Easy

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Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Made Easy is a collection of must-know, easy-to-learn bluegrass instrumental standards. Ross records each song at three speeds and also includes a rhythm backup track. The slow speed is ideal for hearing the notes clearly and being able to play along in rhythm; the medium speed is a perfect goal for the beginning and intermediate student while the faster speed demonstrates what the song can sound like with a hard, driving push. The tablature is large for ease of reading and includes accent marks for melody notes where needed. Ross also provides tips and suggestions for each song to save you valuable practice time. These are tips on the more challenging spots that Ross has learned firsthand from teaching these privately for many years. In addition, there is a whole page of instruction on learning the chords to the song, how to play the song using only the chords, chord charts written out for each song and tips for memorizing and playing without tab. Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Made Easy is not just another tab book; it covers all the bases and gives you a realistic balanced approach for learning the songs the EASY way. Access to online audio.

eBook+Online Audio $9.99

Bill Cheatum
Black Mountain Rag
Blackberry Blossom
Boil that Cabbage Down
Buffalo Gals
Cripple Creek
Cumberland Gap
Devil's Dream
Eighth of January
Old Joe Clark
Red Wing
Red-Haired Boy
Salt Creek
Soldier's Joy
Wildwood Flower

Early Irish-American Banjo

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Here is the Lost Heritage of the Irish-American Banjo!

The Irish-style Tenor banjo has become immensely popular of late, yet the roots of Irish influence on American banjo music extends right back to the 1840s, when the legendary Joel Sweeney picked up a gourd banjo from Black American banjo players, and proceeded to perform 'jigs, reels and breakdowns'. Other Irish-Americans played a leading role in the development and popularity of the banjo in America, and Rob MacKillop has collected 27 of their finest pieces in this collection, the first of its kind.

Early Irish-American Banjo is a solo instrumental collection written in standard notation plus 3 lines of tablature for the 5-string banjo, the 4-string tenor banjo in standard tuning (CGDA), and for the Irish tenor banjo in octave-mandolin tuning (GDAE low-to-high). Lyrics are not included in this volume.

Can be played with either a flat pick or fingerstyle.

The online audio recording contains brilliant performances of all 27 pieces by Rob MacKillop, a leading performer of historical banjo music. Rob performs fingerstyle, with the flesh of his fingertips on gut strings, on a period-appropriate banjo, in the old American tuning. This audio is a treasure in itself.

Tunes included: St Patrick's Day; Rocky Road To Dublin; Savourneen Deelish; McCormick Party Reel, Sheridan's Hornpipe, Connaught Man's Rambles, and many others. Includes access to online audio.

eBook+Online Audio $14.99
Book+Online Audio $19.99


The Early Irish-American Banjo

Method For The Banjo With Or Without A Master - Frank B Converse (1865)
1 St Patrick’s Day [4th-string - D]
2 Bully For All (aka Paddy Go Down) [C]
3 Sprig of Shelalah [D]
4 Irishman’s Shanty [D]
5 Blarney Jig [C]
6 Mickey Malooney [D]
7 Irish Jig [D]
The Banjo And How To Play It - Frank B Converse (1872)
8 Rocky Road To Dublin [D]
9 The Kilkenny Lads [D]
Analytical Banjo Method - Frank B Converse (1887)
10 Cruiskeen Laun (full pitcher of whiskey) [C]
11 Irish Jig No1 [C]
12 Irish Jig No2 [C]
13 Savourneen Deelish (faithful sweet heart) [C]
The Banjoist’s Budget - Albert Baur (1883)
14 Muldoon Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
15 McCormick Party Reel [D]
16 Good Enough Irish Reel [D]
17 Mary McCarty Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
18 Keep It Up Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
19 Rooney’s Favorite Irish Reel [D]
20 McGinley’s Reel [D]
21 The Wind Up Irish Reel [4th-string not used]
Buckley’s Banjo Guide - James Buckley (1868)
22 Pat Malloy’s Jig [D]
23 Sheridan’s Hornpipe [C]
Dobson’s Universal Banjo Instructor - HC and GC Dobson (1882)
24 Irish Jig 1 [D]
25 Irish Jig 2 [D]
26 Irish Reel [D]
27 Connaught Man’s Rambles [D]

Beyond The Waterfall Extraordinary Tunes For Clawhammer

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You've played "Over the Waterfall," marched along to "Soldier's Joy" and perhaps even found your fortune while trotting along on that "Old Spotted Pony." Now it's time to take the next step; beyond the waterfall to the land of lesser-played tunes.

Inside this volume are 40 challenging, unusual, interesting and dare I say- extraordinary tunes. As it includes standard notation, clawhammer banjo tablature, suggested chords and fiddle bow markings, this book is truly suitable for anyone. A number of old-time songs also include lyrics, so you can sing these great songs in the old-time style.

Most of the tunes include notes about their history and recording references are provided if you wish to hear how they were played and sung "way back when". I encourage you to take the time to do that. It may jump start your stalled old-time music collection or as some folks say, "start you a new one".

eBook $14.99
Book $19.99


Ask That Pretty Girl to Be My Wife
Been All Around This World
Been to the East, Been to the West
Blackjack Grove
Blue-Eyed Susan
Chinquapin Hunting
Dusty Miller
Flying Clouds
Flying Indian
Free Little Bird
Froggy Went A' Courting
Get Off Your Money
Glory Medley
Goodbye My Little Darling
Greasy Coat
Happy Hollow
High Yellow
Indian Corn
John Hardy
Johnny Walk Along With Your Paper Collar On
Leaving Home (aka Frankie and Johnny)
McMichen's Reel (aka Hog Trough Reel)
Milwaukee Blues
Old Bell Cow
Old Melinda
Red Bird
Red Fox Waltz
Reuben's Train
Rocky Mountain Goat
Sail Away Ladies
Shady Grove (in A major)
(John) Sharp's Hornpipe
Tippin' Back the Corn
Trot Along My Honey
Woodchopper's Reel

Banjo- Guitar-Mandolin Vtg Band Pictures- $50

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I have 9 framed pictures of Banjo bands from New Zealand, Bradford England, USA. Mr E Green's Banjo & Mandolin Band, Walter Scott Photographer from Bradford. Willard studios. 1920's Christchurch banjo band, New Zealand, Effie Chandler, George James Plimpton Harding. Largest is 11 x 9. One is 8 1/2 x 6 1/2. the other 7 are 6 1/2 x 4 1/2. Five of the Nine are very clear pictures. One has no reproducing warning on back. Most of them are Copies of the originals! I can send closer pictures to you, i just wanted to get all 9 in one pic. asking $50 Thanks for looking!

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Posted: May 14, 2018 10:49 AM CDT

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Ken Sanders

Meredosia IL


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Clawhammer Banjo Volume 2

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Clawhammer Banjo Volume 2: So, you made it through Clawhammer Volume 1 and you’re looking for more action! Rounder Records artist Lynn Morris comes through again with brilliant teaching as she introduces the intricate double-thumbing technique. These slightly harder arrangements are still learnable by new players with Lynn’s careful note-by-note instruction. No Tab.

Old Molly Hare, Lonesome Indian (traditional melody to Little Black Pony), Soldier's Joy, Yellow Rose of Texas, Turkey in the Straw. (1 hour, 45 minutes)

DVD or Download

Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy And Mechanics Wall Chart

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Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy and Mechanics is a comprehensive visual map of the 5-string resonator banjo. The poster includes a large diagram of the instrument and detailed views of its components. Descriptions of all the major parts explain their functions. This poster is a great visual for anyone interested in the banjo.


Casey Henry Christmas Custom Lesson Collection

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Casey Henry Christmas Custom Lesson Collection: For the first time--a DVD filled with Christmas tunes for the banjo! Casey Henry has pulled together a collection of her custom lessons featuring some popular holiday classics. The breaks range from beginner through intermediate to slightly more advanced, so no matter your playing level, there will be something here for you. Please note, this is NOT a regular Murphy Method studio-produced DVD, but six of the custom lessons Casey records on her home computer. The production quality is lower, but the instruction quality is just as high!

Joy to the World, Silent Night, Christmas Time's a Comin', Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Greensleeves

DVD or Digital Download



Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1

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Clawhammer Banjo Volume 1: Sometimes playing the banjo bluegrass style just doesn’t do it for you. Or perhaps you just want to investigate this thing called “clawhammer.” (Also called “old-time” or “frailing” banjo.) Nowhere will you find a better guide and teacher than the multi-award-winning Lynn Morris. Lynn has flat-out taken the mystery out clawhammer playing! She has broken this pre-bluegrass style into small segments so that you can learn it easily. Using the frailing strum, Lynn takes you through 5 songs in note-by-note detail. Introduces double C tuning. No Tab.

You Are My Sunshine, Cripple Creek, Arkansas Traveler, Soldier's Joy, Cluck Old Hen. (90 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download

Bach's Cello Suites I-III Arranged For Tenor Banjo

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Bach's cello suites are among the most famous solo instrumental works of all time. The cello and the tenor banjo share the same tuning, and banjo players might be surprised at how well this great music fits on the fretboard. Rob MacKillop has provided tablature for the first three suites. Here is a chance for tenor banjo players to explore Bach on their instrument, which could be tuned to either regular, CGDA, or Irish tuning, GDAE. Includes online accompanying audio using three different tenor banjos: a regular tenor (Deering Eagle II), a gourd tenor (Jaybird Banjos), and a cello banjo (Gold Tone) which has the same low pitch as the cello.

A `suite' is a collection of dances of varying speeds and time signatures, conceived to be performed as a whole, and preceded by a prelude. Bach's Prelude to the 1st Suite is magnificent and justly famous. The Bourree from the 3rd Suite is also very popular. Enjoy playing Bach on the Tenor Banjo!

Book + Online Audio $19.99


Suite Number I
Minuet I
Minuet II
Suite Number II
Minuet I
Minuet II
Suite Number III
Bourrée I
Bourrée II
Author Information

Power Pickin' Vol. 3: Playing Banjo Backup In Bluegrass DVD

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Bill Evans demonstrates effective banjo backup for 7 standard tunes, showing the techniques in detail, and also playing them with a band. A variety of keys, styles and tempos are demonstrated in this 2 hour DVD with examples of roll based backup, vamping and two finger techniques. Both up and down the neck backup are shown and a tab booklet is included.


Amazing Grace Gospel Banjo Improvising: The First Stage

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Amazing Grace - Gospel Favorites for Banjo: You don’t have to be raised religious to enjoy bluegrass gospel music. (But it does help with the words!) Whether you’re playing in a gospel group or just jamming, these songs are sure to surface. And who says you can’t play slow songs on the banjo? The favorite “Amazing Grace” offers a whole new approach to playing “pretty” on the banjo. You’ll enjoy learning this delightful, up-the-neck break. We suggest using this DVD after Beginning Banjo Vol. 1 and 2. (But it’s just a suggestion!) No Tab.

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, I'll Fly Away, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, and Amazing Grace. (1 hour 45 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download

Banjo Songs For Beginners DVD/CD Set

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Banjo Songs for Beginners Book(PDF on CD)/DVD/CD set includes fourteen must know banjo classics demonstrated in split screen video at three speeds. The book has easy to read tablature with accent marks for melody notes and both right and left hand fingerings indications.

Also included in the book are tips for learning each song, instruction on practicing and using the chords, memorizing tips and other helpful advice to jump start you progress. The book is a PDF file on the included CD.

The high quality studio recorded CD demonstrates each song clearly at three speeds for quick and easy learning. The DVD features split screen close-ups of each song at three speeds and has an added feature allowing you to quickly scroll through the songs without having to re-choose the speed you are working at.


Amazing Grace
Bury me Beneath the Willow
Camptown Races
Cripple Creek
Froggy Went a Courtin'
John Hardy
Michael Row the Boat Ashore
Old MacDonald
Salt Creek
Shortin' Bread
Skip to my Lou
Turkey in the Straw
When The Saints Go Marching In
Wildwood Flower
Worried Man Blues

More Advanced Earl: The Tuner Songs

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More Advanced Earl - The Tuner Songs: So, we were talking about Earl Scruggs earlier. (Pun intended!) Some of the greatest tunes Earl gave us were the ones that feature the use of special D-tuners, sometimes called Scruggs tuners or Keith tuners. Your family and friends will be open-mouthed as they watch you de-tune your banjo and re-tune it right in the middle of the song! (Don’t tell them about the special tuners. Unless they paid for them!) We will show you step-by-step how to use these amazing tuning pegs.

If you don't have these special tuners (and you’re waiting for your birthday to roll around), we can still teach you how to play “Earl's Breakdown” and “Randy Lynn Rag” without the tuners. “Reuben,” which is in D tuning, does not require special tuners. We’ll show you how to retune the banjo for this one. Again, these classics are not just for Scruggs devotees. They are for anyone who is looking a greater adventure on the banjo. No Tab.

Earl's Breakdown, Flint Hill Special, Reuben, and Randy Lynn Rag. (2 hours)

DVD or Digital Download



Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup

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Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup: Ho-hum. Yawn. Bored with vamping? Wish there was something you could do to spice things up? There is! This DVD starts off with a couple of simple vamp decorations and then moves on to those fancy backup licks you hear on record. We don’t just teach you the licks, we show you how to put them into songs. All taught note-for-note. Backup will never be boring again! No tab.

Many backup licks and full backup patterns to: I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Titanic, and Will The Roses Bloom. (These backup licks also fit many other songs with the same chord patterns.) (2 hours, 30 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download



New DVD/Download - Key Of C & Beyond: Improvising In C & D

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New from The Murphy Method!

Download available now.
DVDs ship starting May 8th

Tired of using a capo? Tired of all your breaks sounding the same? Tired of not being able to play in D or E or F?

This DVD opens the door to playing in the keys of C, D, E, and F. First we show you how to do simple improvs in open C, no capo. Then step by step we explain how to add more complex licks to these breaks.

We are not "giving you a fish. We're teaching you to fish." Using simple songs and simple licks we teach you how to create your own breaks in C. In a jam. On the fly. When you have no time to think. We also explain how to play these same breaks in D, E, and F.

An amazing step forward in teaching by Murphy Henry, the creator of the Murphy Method.

Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Worried Gal


Anyone Can Play Bluegrass Banjo (DVD)

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This DVD is designed to teach the basics of bluegrass banjo playing to the beginning student who has no previous music experience. It includes a broad discussion of Scruggs-style banjo playing with a brief introduction to melodic-style playing. Bluegrass standards such as Cripple Creek, Lonesome Road Blues, Little Maggie, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, and many others are taught in the lessons. Free instructional booklet included.

DVD $14.95

Half Price DVD Of The Month - Improvising: The First Stage

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Improvising: The First Stage: Alrighty now! You’ve been playing banjo for a couple of years, and you want to cross that scary bridge into improvising. You’ve learned your tunes by ear, you’ve learned your chords, and you are ready. Now what? How do you begin? Never fear! We will guide you! We will show you how to use licks you already know to play songs you don’t know. You apply these licks to the chord pattern of the song, and voila! You are playing the song. Each of these songs builds on the one before it. A tried and true method used successfully by many of our students. The songs and licks are easy, but don’t try to move too fast. You need time to digest the differences. No Tab.

Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Foggy Mountain Top, Your Love Is Like A Flower, Mama Don't Allow, On and On, Lonesome Road Blues (low break), and Roll On Buddy. (1 hour, 50 minutes)

DVD or Digital Download

On Sale This Month for $14.98


M & M Blues

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First released in 1993, M & M Blues features Murphy playing her hard-driving, Scruggs-style banjo. As one of Murphy's mail order students said after hearing her play some tunes at a workshop, "Everyone was curious to see if you could really play. You tell us to play clean and clear and get good tone, and everybody wanted to see if you really did that yourself." This CD proves that Murphy can really play! She is ably assisted, as always, by Red with his own powerful, Monroe-style mandolin picking. Three Murphy Method instructors also help out: David McLaughlin on rhythm guitar, Jim Wood on fiddle, and Marshall Wilborn on bass. M & M Blues features 14 selections--13 instrumentals and one singing song, the title cut. The two versions of Leatherjackets, written by Chris Henry, were not on the original cassette. If you like good, solid bluegrass, this CD delivers it in spades.

M & M Blues, Hazel Creek, Sally Goodwin, Just Because, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Little Big Mon, Dear Old Dixie, Salt Creek, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Down Yonder, Sally Ann, Leatherjackets--1994, Leatherjackets--2002.

If you'd like the physical CD use the "Buy CD" button to the left. If you'd like to download individual tracks, or the entire album, use the button below. It will take you to CDBaby and your digital music purchase will be completed through their website.


Also available on our site as an MP3 purchase

Everything You Wanted To Know About Clawhammer Banjo

Photo for Ad 123755

One of the world's top players addresses nearly every aspect of the popular 5-string banjo style known as clawhammer or frailing. Chapter themes include fundamentals; advanced and experimental techniques; arranging and backup; how to play reels, hornpipes, jigs and other fiddle tunes; how to approach such genres as ragtime, bluegrass, klezmer, blues, calypso, and a wide variety of "national" and regional music; alternative tunings; setup and accessories; and historical background. Features 120 tunes along with numerous exercises and musical examples in crystal clear tablature; Includes access to online audio featuring all tunes illustrated by author.

Book + Online Audio $29.99


Angeline the Baker (Octave Up)
Arkansas Traveller
Banjo Breakdown
Bay of Fundy, The (With Backups)
Beaumont Rag
Black Hoe, The
Black Mill, The
Black Velvet Waltz
Buffalo Gals
Chicken Polka
Chorus Jig
Christmas Day In The Morning
Cooley's Reel
Country Waltz
Crooked Stovepipe
Crossing the Minch
Darlin' Nelly Grey
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Dill Pickle Rag
Dismissal, The
Don MacLean's Farewell To Oban
Dona Nobis Pacem
Ducks on the Pond
Dudanota (Hungarian Piping Tune)
Duke of Perth, The
Earl's Jig
Far From Home
Fiddlin' Phil
Fisher's Hornpipe (Minstrel Version)
Flowers of Edinburgh, The
Flying Cloud Cotillion
Foggy Clawhammer
Gemstone Reel
George V's Army
Grandfather's Clock
Green Meadow Reel
Harvest Home Hornpipe
Heather on the Hill
High Reel, The
Honeymoon Polka
Hull's Victory
Indian Nation
Indy's Favorite
Island Boy
Jamaica Farewell
Janet Beaton
Jay Bird
Jentland Tune
John Dan MacPherson Jig'
Judique Reel
Judy's Reel
Ladies On A Steamboat
Laird o'Drumblair, The
Lakes of Sligo
Larry O'Gaff Reel
Lass o' Gowrie
Last Chance
Leavin' Home
Leeds Hornpipe, The
Levantine's Barrel
Loons on the Pond
Lord MacDonald's Reel
MacNab's Hornpipe
Maid Behind the Bar, The
Maple Leaf Rag, The
Maple Sugar
Mariner, The
Marquis of Huntley Strathspey, The
Miss Johnson of Pittworth
Miss Lyall
Miss Susan Cooper
Mrs. McCloud's Reel
Niel Gow's Lament for His Second Wife
Nine Points of Roguery
Old Jim River
Old Joe Clark
Over The Briny Ocean
Over the Moor to Maggie
Over The Waterfall
Paddy Ryan's Dream
Phiddlin' Phil
Pigeon on the Gatepost
Pipe Major Christie of Wick
Plaza Polka
President Garfield's Hornpipe
Puncheon Camps
Quindaro Hornpipe, The
Rasputin's Last Ride
Reel du Cordonnier
Reuben's Train
Richmond Cotillion
Rickett's Hornpipe
Road to California
Road to Mexico
Rollin & Tumblin' Blues
Sailor's Wife, The
Sally Gardens
Sally's in the Garden Siftin' Sand
Sandy Boys
Scartaglen Polka
Schottische 'a Eric Montbel
Sean Ryan's Polka
Seneca Square Dance
Sheehan's Reel
Shenandoah Falls
Sid Baglole's Tune
Spanish Fandango
Spoodis Skeery
Tea Gardens Jig
Tina's Schottische
Turkey in the Straw
Twin Sisters, The
Two Pathways
Two Rivers
Upper Denton Hornpipe
Waitin' for the Federals
Westphalia Waltz
Whalen's Breakdown
White Cockade, The
Wolves Howling
Yew Pine Mountains

Learning To Hear Chord Changes

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Learning to Hear Chord Changes: Feeling frustrated with your chording? Don’t despair! We can help! We can teach you to hear chord changes. By starting simply with familiar, two-chord songs you can develop your own ear and learn how to hear when the chords change. Later we move to familiar songs with three chords, and then on to songs with “different” chords like F and A. We sing each song and demonstrate the chords on banjo, mandolin, and fiddle. A must for anyone who thinks learning to hear chord changes is a complete mystery. For all instruments.

Skip To My Lou, Polly Wolly Doodle, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, You Are My Sunshine, Lonesome Road Blues, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Worried Man, This Land Is Your Land, Old Slewfoot, My Gal's A Corker, Jingle Bells, Little Maggie. (1 hour, 53 minutes)

DVD or Download


Left-Handed Banjo G Tuning Photo Chord Book

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Designed for the left-handed banjo player, this handy book includes right-hand fingering photos, notation and diagrams for all of the basic 5-string banjo chords in G tuning (GDGBD). The sections are arranged alphabetically, grouping all chords with the same root in each section.

eBook $7.99
Book $9.99

More Advanced Earl - The Tuner Songs

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More Advanced Earl - The Tuner Songs: So, we were talking about Earl Scruggs earlier. (Pun intended!) Some of the greatest tunes Earl gave us were the ones that feature the use of special D-tuners, sometimes called Scruggs tuners or Keith tuners. Your family and friends will be open-mouthed as they watch you de-tune your banjo and re-tune it right in the middle of the song! (Don’t tell them about the special tuners. Unless they paid for them!) We will show you step-by-step how to use these amazing tuning pegs.

If you don't have these special tuners (and you’re waiting for your birthday to roll around), we can still teach you how to play “Earl's Breakdown” and “Randy Lynn Rag” without the tuners. “Reuben,” which is in D tuning, does not require special tuners. We’ll show you how to retune the banjo for this one. Again, these classics are not just for Scruggs devotees. They are for anyone who is looking a greater adventure on the banjo. No Tab.

Earl's Breakdown, Flint Hill Special, Reuben, and Randy Lynn Rag. (2 hours).

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Harmonics For The 5-String Banjo

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The definitive text on playing harmonics (chimes) on the 5-string banjo in G tuning! In addition to traditional chiming methods, the author’s new T3N technique for creating banjo harmonics will add new dimensions to your playing. While particularly useful in the three-finger style, T3N can be used in other banjo styles and on other stringed instruments.

Traditional Harmonic Chimes
Some Basics
Tuning with Harmonics
Using Harmonics in Songs
T3N Harmonic Chimes
The Basics
Choking and More
Lifting, Pulling and Pushing Off
Hammering On
Combining Effects
Using T3N Harmonics in Songs

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Book $12.99

New Beginning Banjo Package From Murphy Method

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Our New Beginning Banjo DVDs have been updated, expanded, and re-recorded in High Definition (HD)! We now offer three volumes of Beginning Banjo DVDs. Each song now includes the vamp chords and an ending lick. Taught by Murphy Henry with son Chris Henry on guitar. All songs are taught by ear and there is no tablature or written music.

The best possible way to learn to play the banjo!

Package Includes:
New Beginning Banjo 1 (Banjo in The Hollow, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, Blue Ridge Cabin Home)

New Beginning Banjo 2 (Foggy Mountain Breakdown, I Saw the Light, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Do Lord, John Hardy.)

New Beginning Banjo 3 (Foggy Mountain Breakdown (high break), Old Joe Clark, Lonesome Road Blues, Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Salt Creek.)

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Capos, Chords, And Theory For Beginners

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Capos, Chords, and Theory: So, you’re starting to play with other people and they are using capos. What are you supposed to do? Or you’ve heard the terms “I, IV, and V” (one, four, and five) chords and you wonder what they mean. In addition, how do you play in the keys of A, B, and C? How do you play in the keys of D, E, and F? (It’s easy with a capo!) We explain it all here, in simple, down-to-earth terms that you can understand. This DVD will answer all your questions about capos and vamping. No Tab.

Tuning and Theory, Chord Positions, I-IV-and-V Chords, Chords and Keys, Using a Capo in G Position, Using a Caop in C Position, Capos and Vamping. (1 hour 20 minutes)

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