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1929 Gibson Mastertone Conversion Banjo w/ Kalamazoo 5-Str N

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Ad Number:118463
Date Posted: 12/07/2017
Ad Owner:Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments
311 Knowles Street
Missoula, Montana 59801
United States

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1929 Pot with 1930's Gibson Kalamazoo 5-string neck. Neck altered with fiddle peghead and H&F inlays.


Excellent conversion Gibson banjo.

40-hole archtop tonering pot with original hardware and rim. Non-original resonator, like a late ’20’s style 4 banjo would have.

The 5-string neck was originally on a “Kalamazoo” brand banjo made by Gibson. The neck was converted into a “Gibson” neck by addition of Gibson Hearts & Flowers Ebony peghead overlay, removing dot inlays in Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and inlaying pearl Hearts & Flowers inlay in fingerboard.
So -- as a result, the neck looks exactly like any pre-war Gibson neck, except it has no volute (hand stop).

It would be hard to fully convey the importance of having the old bonafide neck on this banjo. Not only does it have great old cured woods, with the Mahogany and the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, but the old original adjustable truss-rod also is a very effective resonance transfer device. You will never want to put any sort of flat head tone ring on this banjo. It sounds great, with lots of low end and lots of presence.
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